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How to sell on SaaS marketplace

How to sell on SaaS marketplace

You need a solid plan to sell on SaaS marketplace. This process will simplify the process for employees who buy and sell software and increase your buying potential across a few vendors. Today I’m going to dive into the topic of selling on SaaS marketplace to help you better understand all you need to know when getting into selling or distributing a software model.

Many popular SaaS options that you may be familiar with include ZenDesk, DocuSign, Google Apps, and Dropbox. As you can imagine this is a service that users can pay for a membership with and then receive some sort of software service, without having to buy the actual software. DocuSign allows you to create contracts as a business owner and have the other party sign them without fax machines. Dropbox is a fabulous way to save space on your computer’s hard drive by storing files and computers. Dropbox also makes it easy to collaborate with a team by sharing important documents for your business with others.

I could go on, but I’m pretty confident you comprehend what SaaS examples are and therefore I can continue onto the part where I show you how to sell on SaaS marketplace.

How to sell on SaaS marketplace

How to sell on SaaS marketplace

First, you’ll have to have a solid plan in place. Some of the things you’ll need to address as you venture into this new market are:

  • API Configuration
  • New Order Processing
  • Listing Type
  • Figuring out a Tax Strategy
  • And similar other parts that come along with selling online

Other Considerations and Plans for SaaS Marketplace

Now that I got that part of the planning out of the way, it’s time to figure out what other considerations you may need to address as you venture to sell on this marketplace. Obviously, you’ll need some ongoing management. What will this ongoing management look like? Well, for starters, you’ll need to have help with API Management, you’ll need to troubleshoot any errors the system may encounter during a trial session, and a way to reconcile your internal system with the marketplace system.

How to sell on SaaS marketplace

Not only will you need to run some test sales and make sure the system is working properly but you’ll want to address some other factors that come into play when you plan on learning how to sell on SaaS marketplace.

There are two other parts of selling in this manner, ongoing management and enablement. Let’s discuss …

Ongoing Management of SaaS Marketplace

A system for record keeping, a buyer registration page, and internal notifications are a few important factors in being a successful business owner. You can’t just try to sell on this marketplace and have no way to internally track orders, customers, and purchases. The fact is, no matter what you’re selling or offering, there has to be a steady stream of processing of orders and customer contact for the most amazing customer support.

Build Your Team

You’ll need to have a team working 24/7 behind you as you venture into this new chapter of selling on SaaS marketplace. Consider who will be on your team, put a job opportunity out on LinkedIn to try to gain knowledgeable experts in the industry. The key is to have two people that are the main point of contact for this. Those two people will then convert all of the conversations and must-do tasks over to the other team members accordingly.

Just think of the process of selling on SaaS marketplace as an assembly line, however, it’s more like a virtual and in-office team of human beings completing their part of the puzzle to finalize the end results, getting more customers and keeping more customers!


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