How to {sort of} Enjoy Adulthood

I’ve shared various ways to enjoy adulthood on the blog in the past months and years. I do firmly believe that one should never grow old, but how do you pause the “growing old” part of you when life is unpredictable and in each direction you turn something happens to test your ability to find joy or fun in adulthood?

Well, it’s not easy!

That’s for sure.

The older I get the more I realize how different each person’s reality is. Every single one of us sees the world through a different lens.

I tend to see things one way and can find new ways to enjoy adulthood because I believe you have a new chance to live each day you wake up.

Others may see the world as a place without hope and be anxious or fearful of how they can even step foot into living their adult life each day.

There is no one size fits all solution for how to enjoy adulthood, but I can try to share some tips and tricks to get you started!

Why Enjoy Adulthood?

I think of adulthood as the first time in your life that you’re in charge. I left home rather early. You couldn’t pay me enough to not leave the nest. I housed with friends at first, and then a boyfriend, and yes I ended up back home few times too, but ultimately when I was old enough to go live with friends, I did it!

That’s right, living with friends! You see, sometimes you can’t go off and live alone at 18. Most times, if you’re not heading to college, then living with friends is the most affordable route to get some experience under your belt, and to gain some references while you work up the ladder to make more money.

Almost everyone I know, that didn’t go to college, lived with someone at first! This helps save on money, it helps you build your adult tribe, and provides you with a safety net of supportive people that are living a similar chapter that you’re living!

I believe the early years are the time when you can take more risks, albeit trying to be safe. I believe this is the time to spread your wings and try new things. I believe this is the time to figure out who you are by trying new things and spreading your wings!

Adulthood is what you make it, and you can make the best of it if you just try to alter your perception of what it is.

That’s an easy concept for me and even easier at my almost age of 40, but in time the younger adults may just realize this sentence has amazing powers, once you can harness what it means to make your adult life what you wish it to be.

So, how in the world do you enjoy adulthood while you’re struggling with the starting of these adult years?

Or how do you enjoy adulthood when you’re knee-deep in raising toddlers or teenagers?

Well, here is how you do it … take into consideration these are only ideas and may not work for everyone. Each of us is at a different stage in life mentally, physically, and financially. Use this as a stepping stone of tips to get up and get enjoying each day to the fullest so that you don’t waste one day of your adult life.

Spend Time in Nature

Yes! I am serious about this. The number one tip I have for you to start enjoying adulthood is to spend time in nature. Being in nature, just a simple walk or sitting at the park without others around is the best way to feel more balanced.

Nature therapy is what I call it, and I do it as often as possible to enjoy adulthood. If you stay still and listen to the sounds of nature, you’ll soon find that you start to feel a sense of calm around you during your time in nature.

Find Your Tribe

This one is a little more difficult for me. I have a hard time finding people who can relate to the way I see the world, and so forth, but your tribe doesn’t have to be people who think exactly like you! Your tribe is a group of people that you feel confident confiding in and know that they’ll be there to listen when you need them.

A tribe can be people who you’re related to or just others you found a connection with during your time enjoying adulthood. A tribe will help reduce depression and anxiety because human beings are meant to be part of a tribe!

Pause and Reflect

Last, but not least, I’ve found pausing and reflecting is an excellent way to enjoy adulthood. I’ve started doing this more often because I’m struggling with a few things. I like to take the weekends to relax and detach from work, social media, and so forth to reconnect with the person I am inside.

When you take more time to pause and reflect, to be one with yourself, without any outside influence you can start to enjoy adulthood because you’ll find your footing. When we can find our footing, we can move mountaintops and find our path towards a happier adulthood.

Life is short. Live it!

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