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How to Stick to a Schedule When You Work from Home

Brandy Ellen shares more ideas on how to stick to a schedule when you work from home now that she’s a full-time homeschool parent of 2 preteens and 1 teen.

Not only do I have to stick to a schedule when I work from home, but I also have to figure out a homeschool schedule for my younger two kids. My oldest kid attends an online charter school, so I don’t have to any teaching there. The 12 and 10-year-old are 100% homeschooled. That means I am their teacher. One son transitioned to homeschool in November 2018, while the other transitioned in mid-March of 2019.

This means I am often asked how I do it all. Reality is, I don’t do it all. Dishes are sometimes dirty for two days. Laundry stays unfolded for weeks. The floors get swept and mopped as often as possible, only because they’re hardwood floors and I can’t handle stepping on the dirt. I’ve learned in the last 10 plus years of working from home that some things can be left for tomorrow.

Now that you have a little idea of where my mindset is, I want to tell you how to stick to a schedule when you work from home. You’ll just need a little dedication, motivation and perhaps a little organization.

How to Stick to a Schedule When You Work from Home

How to Stick to a Schedule When You Work from Home

Set Boundaries

I may have a difficult time setting boundaries in my personal life, but I will tell you when it comes to working from home, I am the Queen at mastering my time and setting boundaries. It’s important that you learn to set boundaries when you work from home. These boundaries will include letting household members as well as extended family members know about your work hours. During your work at home business hours, you will refrain from engaging in any conversations with anyone outside of your work at home business tasks.

Take Breaks

Make sure you have regularly scheduled breaks. I don’t write my breaks down as a planned event, but since the three kids are home and need lunch, I usually pause for lunch with my 2 preteens and teenager. We may not sit and eat together but they’ll converse with me about whatever they’re doing in homeschool or for fun that day during our lunch break hour. Take at least 2 short breaks and 1 long break every day when you’re working from home. This is part of sticking to a schedule when you work from home.

Make a List

I personally work best when I have a tasks list, I’m currently looking for a good blog planner to map out my day but right now I do use a steno pad. This pad of paper is next to me at all times and each day I jot down names or content titles so that I know what I have to put as a priority that day. If I don’t make a note of what’s due on this particular day or due soon, I’ll completely forget about what I have to do during my work at home day. Be sure part of your day in how to stick to a schedule when you work from home includes having a daily task list.

Must Have Work From Home Tools

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In all honesty, these three major tips for how to stick to a schedule when you work from home will help you move forward towards success. My blogging and content creation business has honestly improved as I set myself up with this particular schedule. Every night I tell the preteens what they need to do for school before lunchtime. I also use the night time to review my Trello Boards, my Asana tasks, my email, and notes jotted on my pad of paper. This helps me to develop a new work from home schedule for the next day.

Whether you like schedules or not, the key to pushing your work at home career further is to stick to a schedule, but be willing to adapt that schedule as needed, such as during summer break season.


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