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How To Stop Feeling Miserable About Your Home

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What is life all about? Is it about constantly wishing you had something that you don’t? Or is it about accepting the joy, beauty and wonder of the here and now?

If you ask any spiritual teacher, they’ll tell you that it is the latter.

Take the ancient daoist sage, Lao Tzu, for instance. He’s famous for saying that “the bliss of eternity can be found in your contentment.” What he meant by this was that we should be happy with the situation as it unfolds for us, no matter what obstacles life appears to throw in our way.

In this post, we take a look at some of the ways that you can stop feeling miserable about your home. Check them out below.

Stop Wishing And Focus On The Present

The first thing to do is to stop wishing for something else and just accept your home as it is right now in the present. When you cease thinking about the future, you put the mind to rest. It short-circuits its hyperactive nature and puts you real self – the true self – back in the driving seat.

You’ll notice that when your mind stops whirring, worrying about your home, you quickly feel better. Many of the worries and concerns that you have flake away and you have a profound sense of joy. Things, you notice, are perfect just the way that they are.

Avoid Giving Yourself Timelines

We live in what the ancient Chinese would have called a “yang-dominated culture.” Yang is all about energy, movement, action and results. It’s really the essence of modern western culture. Life is more about doing than it is being.

However, if you’re feeling miserable about your home, you might want to introduce a little yin-style thinking. Instead of constantly telling yourself that you have to get this or that done, just remind yourself that nature never hurries, yet everything attains completion.

Be less masculine and forthright in your approach to your home. Allow things to unfold naturally. You’ll soon discover that you feel more relaxed and that, eventually, everything will find its proper place.

Deal With Problems In Order Of Their Priority

Pest invasion of your home is a big problem. That’s why I found a trusted pest control near me to get rid of them. The problem with pests is that they can damage your home’s fundamental structure, leaving it vulnerable.

The same is true of foundation problems and issues with the masonry and joists.

Practically everything else, though, is cosmetic. Deal with the structural issues first. This will then make the cosmetic improvements feel considerably more manageable.

Appreciate What You Have

Lastly, practising gratitude for your home is something that you can do right here, right now. While you might worry that your house is smaller than your friends, it is still somewhere that provides you with warmth and shelter.

You’ll notice that when you start practising gratitude and appreciation, there’s no space left in your mind for negative thoughts and sentiments. They melt away naturally. Try feeling grateful and angry at the same time: it’s impossible.

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