How To Successfully Work From Home

Working from home is a concept that once seemed unattainable for so many people. Now, however, it is becoming more acceptable and even desirable. To achieve your goal of becoming a remote worker you need to ensure you have your workspace in order first. Here are some top tips to get the job done right so you can do your job well at home.

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Put your home in good working order.

It may seem like working from your own home will equate to having time to perform routine home maintenance and tackle long-put-off projects. Remote work does generally offer more scheduling flexibility than an in-office position. However, when you begin to add up the time it takes to coordinate appointments, purchase supplies, and oversee workers going in and out of your home it all adds up to time that you are away from work.

To handle this potential problem head-on, try to schedule as many maintenance workers to come to your home at the same time or on the same day. With this approach, you will be otherwise occupied on personal appointments for one day only instead of for a few hours spread over many days. 

One essential appointment to schedule right away is with your local HVAC company. With warmer weather approaching fast, you will want to have a new air conditioning system installed as soon as possible. If you already have one in place, it is an important homeowner’s task to schedule routine air conditioning maintenance before the cooling season begins. Qualified professionals will ensure your system is running properly so you can work in comfort from home.

Strategize basic home responsibilities.

Another myth about virtual employees is believing all of the laundry will be folded and the meals will be made during the workday. Tactical planning is your friend in this arena.

When laundry day comes around, put a load in the washing machine in the morning while you are getting ready for the day. Set an alarm on your phone to alert you when the wash cycle is complete. Allow yourself a stretch or coffee break after you move the laundry to the dryer or hang it up. Be mindful of how long it takes you so you are not decreasing your available working time. And, of course, set another timer for when the drying cycle will end. At that time, if you are able, take the laundry out and lay each piece flat and in a stacked pile or quickly hang it up. You can attend to the rest of the laundry in the evening while binging your favorite show.

Meal preparation should be handled in the same manner as if you were working outside of your home, with some latitude because you are at home. Plan your grocery lists, shopping, and prep as you have always done. Since you are in proximity to your kitchen, you can use your breaks to take items out of the freezer to thaw or place them in the oven as needed. Use your time wisely to not get caught up in the catharsis of vegetable cutting when you should be working.

Here is a video with tips on how to be a productive remote worker.

You can be productive while working from home and take care of your home by following a schedule and being mindful of your time. Set up your home office for success and enjoy your new workspace.


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