How we Ended up at Jackson Gore Inn

One weekend we had all three kiddos ready to spend some family time together, but what happened was a little fiasco, road trip, and finally a night of feeling spoiled. When booking on you can rest assured that they’ll make sure you’re satisfied and get to your destination or help you find another one. Let’s chat about how we ended up at Jackson Gore Inn today.

We did our regular routine of trying to book a hotel for the weekend, but there weren’t any openings in our normal range. This meant we had to venture outside of our regular area for the weekend. We found a super awesome deal at a place up in Okemo Mountain Resort area, so we booked it!

Long Drive in New England with Kids

Driving about an hour plus, we finally arrived at our destination. It was like a ghost town. No office personnel to be seen. No place to check-in. The address in for our original destination was incorrect, quite clearly. I started getting upset, but there was no time. It was late and we needed a place to sleep.

We tried calling a couple of other resorts up in the Okemo Mountain area, but they gave us instructions that still didn’t make sense. Needless to say, we were far from our home base with three hungry, tired kids so we had to do something! We called to tell them that the address on our reservation is quite clearly wrong and nobody is answering the resort’s phone number. Saves the Day

We had no idea how well the customer service agents were at but man we’ve been booking with them during all of our family traveling in New England so we had hoped they’d help. The customer service agent at let us explain our situation and put us on hold as they tried to reach the resort we had booked.

To no surprise, they couldn’t reach said resort either. We were super bummed, pretty much out of gas, no other place to stay and well, it wasn’t looking good. My heart sunk. And then something happened. helped us out! They knew this was of no fault of our own, and that it’s their website that had an incorrect address as well as a phone number for the reservation we paid for, so they found a comparable resort and compensated the difference. 

People, we went from our regular lower end hotel to a magnificent place that puts all of our other hotels stays to shame! I seriously want to buy a condo up here and stay off-season, it’s that awesome. Jackson Gore Inn is where we ended up, but wait, there’s more! originally transferred and comped the extra for a reservation in the same area of Okemo Mountain but one of the perks we had at our original destination was that it had a pool. These little water kids needed a pool, and we wanted to spoil them with one over the weekend. Hence why we booked the original place we had booked. 

So, when we arrived at check-in at the new lcoation we found that they would be fine with keeping that reservation but the pool was not in commission. If we really were looking to spend the weekend at a place with a pool, then they could give us a comparable room at Jackson Gore Inn. 

They looked up our reservation, you know the one that had booked for us, and found out we had a “grand suite”. Apparently that’s a big deal! So Jackson Gore Inn people quickly moved us to one of their suites that were spectacular. I mean, OMG, we felt like we hit the big bucks!

I’m a small-town country girl, so this may not be spectacular to you, but my little family felt amazed at the location. I only wish our oldest could have stayed for the full weekend, but that wasn’t an option. Perhaps we’ll go back again with all three kids in the next chapter of our family life. 

We walked into a grand suite I tell you. It had a full living room and kitchen with a full dining room table. We haven’t had a full dining room table since the middle of June, y’all. It was just awesome! 

How we Ended up at Jackson Gore Inn

There was a washer and dryer, two bathrooms, two bedrooms. It was pretty amazing. One bedroom had one bed with a closet, easy access to one of the two bathrooms, a television and a chair with a desk to the side too. 

The other bedroom had two beds, a dresser, a closet, and a television. The living room had a pull out sofa bed, television, a spot to hook up your phone, and a balcony with the most amazing view of Okemo Mountain. 

We felt spoiled.

We were in heaven.

We must go back!

At the end of the day, Jackson Gore Inn at Okemo Mountain is a really sweet place. They have a restaurant on-site, a bar, and a lounge. They have a bellhop, concierge, and all that fancy stuff. A spa, an indoor hot tub, sauna area as well as an outdoor pool with outdoor hot tubs.  There is an outdoor adventure center type thing and so many more extras! 

Plus? There are condos for sale at Jackson Gore Inn. Yes, condos! I want one.

It. Was. Heaven.

The end. 


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  1. It can be so frustrating when travel plans don’t work out. I’m so impressed that was so accommodating!

  2. Thanks for sharing about your experience. I have never used but will have to check them out. Well written.

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