I’m Thinking Of Replacing My Windows At Home, Where Do I Start?

Replacing whole home windows is one of the biggest improvement investments a homeowner can make. The real question now is: Is this a good investment? Unfortunately, the answer is within reach, just search for window installation near me on your smartphone and contact a professional.

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Different variables play an important role in the decision to replace windows in your home, including:

  • Condition of window frames
  • Local climate
  • Current window thickness
  • Required window style

These factors also affect replacement costs and expected energy savings. New windows with poor performance like letting airflow in or condensation forming on the glass,  can benefit from simple repairs. For example, the seal around the frame solves the draft problem and improves energy efficiency. Double-glazed windows can also be resealed to restore their original insulating properties.

How much can I save by changing windows?

Even taking these variables into account, in many cases, replacing windows throughout the house can improve energy efficiency. This is especially true if you replace the standard single-pane window with a certified dual-pane model.

Homeowners in warm climates can enjoy savings, and people in climates that require frequent air conditioning can also enjoy savings. Therefore, any house with single-pane windows is an ideal choice for the entire house window replacement project.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the whole house window replacement project depends on the number of windows in the house. However, for projects of any size, the cost of each window is roughly the same. This includes windows and installation.

According to estimates for homes over four seasons, energy savings will pay approximately the cost of one vinyl window each year and one window every two years for windows of wood. Based on these estimates, the project will eventually pay for itself, although it may take 10 to 12 years, it may take longer for homes with more windows.

What about equity?

Investing in custom windows is rarely worth the added expense because even though the price is higher, it has little impact on overall equity. For homeowners who combine capital gains with energy efficiency, in the long run, replacing windows throughout the home can be a profitable upgrade.

Temporary window replacement alternatives

For short-term insulation, you can use a transparent window insulation film. These products look like thick plastic wrap, spread on the windows and glued to the frame. The economical film provides an extra layer of protection against the outside temperature. However, the window cannot be opened without removing the film first. This makes window insulation kits a good choice in winter, but they are not the best choice for keeping indoor air cool in summer.

Other important things to know

Consider alternatives to wood. Wooden frames are not only more expensive, but they also tend to wear out faster. You can help avoid future maintenance costs, as any premature repairs will reduce energy savings and fair profits. Also, before replacing windows throughout your home, consider repairing your current windows; some old windows can be repaired. Professional contractors can replace panels, fill gaps in the frame, and even add aluminum or vinyl siding to exposed wood areas.


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