Imminent Threat Of Blackouts Curbed With Diesel Gen-Sets

Blackouts and brownouts not only affect the business houses but also routine life. Imagine a day or even a few hours without electricity. Most of the tools and appliances, including computers, mobile phones, and even cooktops run on electricity these days.

During a blackout, all of these appliances and gadgets would stop working. The threat could be even more imminent when the blackout could last longer than a few hours.

However, diesel generators prove to be an effective solution for all power needs. For example, a small house can be powered using a portable generator producing no more than 6 kVA(s), regardless of the weather conditions.

The only thing that needs to be taken care of is a regular supply of diesel fuel to the engine.

Notably, the reasons for choosing a diesel generator exceed far beyond the fuel’s weather compatibility.

Easy Availability Of The Diesel Fuel

Petrol or gasoline fuels are widely available at urban locations. However, rural or remote locations often lack the facilities for procuring petrol. Similarly, natural gas is usually distributed through pipelines to every user.

In urban regions, availability of natural gas is a no-fuss but in rural areas, particularly remote locations, it gets difficult to get access to it. That being said, diesel fuel is widely available, mostly because of its high demand for commercial vehicles. At the same time, diesel fuel can be stored for longer durations, which is not the case with petrol or natural gas.

Petrol is highly volatile and evaporates if stored for longer, making it unsuitable for storage and transportation. It could be far more difficult to procure petrol and store it in your garage when compared to diesel fuel, particularly if there’s no gas station near your location.

Moreover, diesel is a lot cheaper than petrol, which makes it more accessible for every economic class. Thus, improving the overall availability of diesel fuel in most locations.

Diesel Fuel Is Greener Than Other Fuels

When it comes to combustible fuels, diesel is usually attributed as a greener alternative. Comparing the amount of carbon released on burning 1 gallon of diesel fuel to that of petrol and natural gas, the figures are very impressive.

The reason lies in the fact that diesel fuel has higher calorific values than petrol and natural gas. In other words, burning a gallon of diesel would produce more energy than the same amount of petrol and natural gas.

It means the same amount of power can be generated for lesser fuel consumption if diesel is chosen over natural gas and petrol. In fact, this results in a lower carbon footprint on the environment for diesel consumption justifying it as a green fuel.

A Perfect Piece For High-Power Needs

The best thing about diesel generators is they can produce high voltages at an economical price. Even, when renewable energy sources are compared, a diesel generator occupies lesser space while producing more electricity.

There is a lot more info about these generators that make them perfect for every utility. For example, diesel engines are less complicated than a petrol engine, since there is no need for spark ignition. This makes maintaining and upkeeping diesel engines easier and cheaper.

Moreover, the diesel engines are usually employed for high power production, which is necessary for producing high voltage currents for industrial applications.

Helpful In Restoring Power During Disasters & Natural Calamities

One of the most pronounced benefits of using a diesel generator is its efficacy under the toughest conditions. You cannot expect any output from a solar panel during cloudy weather.

Likewise, wind energy and also geothermal energy plants fail to produce electricity during natural calamities and disasters.

A diesel generator, on the other hand, can help restore the power until the grid is repaired and the power is restored. All you need to do is plug the generator into the mains and turn it on.

At this note, it might be appropriate to understand that not every generator fits every need. So, when you actually decide to buy a generator, you must learn a thing or two to help you make the right decision.

  • Estimate The Total Load

            The first and the foremost thing to do is estimating how much power do you need. You wouldn’t want to be running short on power after you purchase the generator. Include all the appliances, machinery, and tools that you currently use, and also include the ones that you are planning to buy in the near future. The additional power can act as a buffer to help avoid overloading.

  • Evaluate The Cost Of Ownership

            Now, sort out the generators that fall into your specific load category. But that’s not all, you need to evaluate which ones are more economical than others. The cost of ownership would include a one-time cost of purchase and the ongoing maintenance expenses.

  • Consider Reviews & Customer Feedback

            One of the most crucial factors that should affect your purchase decision is the customer reviews. You can explore online resources and directories to know which manufacturers have better customer service. Furthermore, you can also evaluate which makes and models are reviewed better than others by the existing consumers.

  • Try To Include More & More Features

            Lastly, you must also look for additional features in your purchase. You must look for features that you can enjoy without burning holes in your pocket. For instance, you can choose diesel gen-sets that come with automatic switchover to eliminate the delays between power cuts and backups. Additionally, you can also look for safety features such as temperature monitors, overload warnings, and so on.

To sum it up, diesel generators are not a luxury anymore, but a necessity. The increasing number of disasters and natural calamities are proving harmful for regular grids. Not only, the natural acts, but also human activities and sometimes mechanical or technical faults are responsible for such blackouts.

In any situation having a power backup generator can alleviate the stress by meeting the energy demands for industries and homes alike. And a diesel generator is by far the most suitable option.


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