Infant safety; 4 necessary injuries you should prevent

It is considered to be a blessing to bring a child into this world. You should know that even though it is a purely blissful moment, it can also be quite worrisome and exhausting taking care of a child. They should always be protected from any harm that might befall them. All of us have seen hyper parents who freak out over the smallest hiccups and sneezes.

While these are not that big a cause for concern, it is important to look out for certain injuries that might affect your child. Did you know that more than hundreds of children in the United States die before they turn one, just because of injuries? We have curated a list of things that new parents should be careful about in order to keep their children safe and sound.


Babies have a tendency to be curious about a lot of things. They move, swoon, and even wiggle against things soon after they are born. These might look harmless but can cause a fall. If your baby is able to roll over, they can surely fall off the bed even if you have put them in the middle. This is why you should never leave your baby alone on changing tables, chairs, sofas, or beds. Put them in safe places such as their crib or even a playpen if you have other things to do. Be sure to install enough babyproofing to keep your child safe from stairs and sharp edges.

Car injuries

Most car injuries result because some parents do not use a car seat for their children. These car seats are extremely important in protecting your baby against a car crash. You should buy an infant car seat online if you do not have the time to go to a shop. Be sure that your seat is properly installed to minimize harm to your baby. A car seat will also help keep your child in place so that you do not have to be distracted while driving and can pay attention to road safety.


Babies tend to have really soft skin that can be affected by a lot of things. Do not carry your baby around while you are cooking or carrying hot liquids, as these can lead to serious burns. Remember that you are only human and can not handle both things at the same time. Also, keep in mind that their bath water should not go over 120 degrees F if you want to protect their skin.

Suffocation and choking

Babies often explore their environment a lot. They tend to put anything that they find in their mouths. Remember to never leave any small objects in the reach of your baby, even if it is just for a second. Even hard food can be dangerous for infants since it can cause them to choke. Foods such as apples, hot dogs, and grapes can be harmful.

Most parents tend to worry a lot about their child, and for good reason. Use this list to help you prepare for preventing any serious injury that might befall your baby.


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