Interior House Painting Tips for the Perfect Paint Job

Interior House Painting Tips for the Perfect Paint Job

Getting ready to give an interior paint job to your home? Painting your walls after a couple of years give your home a fresh new look and makes it more welcoming. Perhaps you want to paint your home due to an important family event, or perhaps you want to give your children a room of their dreams with a new paint job, whatever the case is, the paint job needs to look professional.

We have listed down ingenious tips below that can help you give your home the perfect paint job.

Interior House Painting Tips for the Perfect Paint Job

Mix several cans of paints in a large bucket

Did you know that paint color can slightly be different from can to can? This is especially true if you are working with one color and you decide to open the can while in the middle of the job. This can create a slight shade difference on your walls that may appear inconsistent. Any wall having an inconsistent color looks very unappealing.

To avoid this, mix several cans of paints in a single bucket. Fill the bucket to the top or at least as much as you require to get the complete room painted. If you don’t like mixing cans, try getting big paint cans from

Paint the trim first then move to walls and ceiling

Professional painters follow a certain pattern, maybe this is why their paint job is top notch and consistent throughout the entire home. The key to getting consistent color on your walls is to make sure that you paint the trim of the wall first and then move to the wall and ceiling.

When you are painting the trim, don’t spend too much time and effort on it because it really doesn’t need a smooth finish. You can also work freely with the trim if you are painting it first without the worry of coloring the wall.

Clean the surface of the wall before painting

When you are ready to paint the walls, make sure that the wall is clean from dirt, oil, and other debris that may have collected over time. Use heavy duty cleaner if needed. When cleaning, always use a circular motion using a lint-free cloth. Start at the bottom and make to the top. After the surface of the wall is fully clean, start filling any holes and nicks in the wall to get the smoothest looking finish.

Use only cotton drop clothes for spills

Spills are a common part of a paint job. No matter how careful you are, you will definitely spill paint on your floor or carpet. To make sure you save yourself from the spills,use drop cloths. Avoid using plastic because paint drops will stay wet for a long time and can stick to your shoes or clothes.

A paint job can be a lot of fun for the whole family. If you decide to paint the interior of your home yourself, make sure to follow the advice above.


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