Intuitive Ways to Welcome Positive Energy into Your Life

“Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative, latch onto the affirmative.” – Bing Crosby

Are you one of those who see glass half-empty or half-full? Several studies prove that both perspectives can leave a lasting impression on your mental and physical health. So, being a person with a positive attitude is the best way to escape many problems in one go.

A positive attitude is enough to bring a much-required change in your life. All you require is to obtain some positive changes in your life and stick to them. It’s more like working on your mind consciously all the time while adding to your personal growth effectively. This process may be gradual, but it plays an integral role in changing your outlook for life and the future.

Recent research conducted on more than 7000 women from 2004 to 2012 found that optimistic women about their future and lives face a low risk of dying early. Moreover, they are successful in preventing several causes of death like –

  1. Stroke
  2. Heart disease
  3. Respiratory diseases
  4. Cancer including – colorectal cancer, breast, lung, and ovarian cancer
  5. Infection

On the contrary, some proven health benefits of having a positive attitude towards life include –

  1. Improved quality of life
  2. Better physical and psychological health
  3. Accelerated energy levels
  4. Fewer colds
  5. Longer life span
  6. Healthy living
  7. Low chances of suffering from any neurological disorder like – mood swings, depression, stress, etc.
  8. Faster recovery from different health issues or injuries
  9. Improved skills in dealing with stress
  10. A balanced and ideal life.

Positive thinking is not magic; it’s a perspective that helps you reduce the overall problems running in your mind and life. With this, everything seems manageable and easy to tackle. All you need is to use your positive thinking productively and progressively.

How to accelerate the habit of thinking positively?

With the increasing number of challenges in life and a hectic schedule to handle, it gets difficult to think positively. However, it’s not impossible to achieve. Here’s how to do so.

#1 – Pay attention to the good things in your life –

Challenging circumstances and adverse incidents are common reasons for people to think negatively and let it impact their lifestyle and behavior. However, it’s a human tendency to feel negative about everything worse handling in life, yet it’s essential to calm your soul at the moment and look at the bright side of life. Thinking about the old wounds will intoxicate your mind while hampering your mental state from the inside out. For instance, if your friend cancels the movie plan, think of the free time you got to do something productive for yourself instead of holding grudges about it. This will help you improve your life in all manners.

#2 – Prepare a gratitude journal for yourself –

A study by NCBI reveals that jotting down everything that you are grateful for in your life leaves a positive impact on your life and thought process. It develops and improves your well-being. Therefore, maintaining a gratitude journal regularly can help you look at the best side of your life.

#3 – Open to good humor –

Many studies prove that laughing practices are good for reducing depression, stress, and anxiety. Plus, it assists you in improving your self-esteem, mood and enhances coping skills effectively. Therefore, learn to be open to humorous situations, especially when you are facing a tough time in your life. We know it’s hard to laugh on rainy days, but it’s important too. This will lighten your mood. Try to pretend or force yourself to put up a smile on your face. This is an effective way to get started in your life.

#4 – know the power of hypnotherapy –

For some, this may be a new concept, but it truly works for everyone. That’s the reason why most people in Sheffield undergo an empowering hypnotherapy session. It helps you regain your confidence and keep good control of your life and emotions. The accelerated popularity of hypnotherapy sheffield is living proof of how effective it is. It is a safe and effective therapy that focuses on anxiety issues in people. Regardless of age and gender, it works for everyone, calming your soul and mind.

#5 – Spend some quality time with good people around you –

Have you ever noticed how a negative circumstance can make everyone in the room frown? An individual with a positive vibe can have an opposite reaction to the atmosphere. Positivity and negativity are highly contagious; therefore, you should have a good time with optimistic people. When you choose to be surrounded by positive people, you welcome optimism in your life, add to your self-esteem, and look at the brighter side of everything happening in your life.

#6 – Practice positive thinking and self-talk –

When the situations are tough, we tend to be the hardest on ourselves and act as the worst critic for ourselves. This can turn into a habit with time, making it challenging to see the positive in you. That’s when you need to be mindful and practice positive thinking. For this, respond to positive thoughts and messages, which is often known as self-talk.

Many types of research show that a slight change in your thought process is enough to influence your ability to regulate your perspective, behavior, and feelings towards a positive outlook. For instance – rather than keep saying, “I really messed up this time,” try saying, “I will try again for it with preparation.”

#7 – Evaluate your negative aspects –

Analyze the different areas of your life and see which one needs improvement. If you are not sure about it, seek help from a friend or family member as they can better judge your behavior and perspective. All you have to do is take the comments positively and work on all highlighted factors.

The final takeaway –

Now, when you can undo all mistakes you made in the past, what is the point of crying over them and ruining your health? Instead of thinking of those toxic times, it’s time you step towards betterment and positive life. There are proven practices to help you drive the much-required difference in your life.


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