IPX SMS Marketing Tips and Tricks

Many brands have started to implement a new strategy for marketing to their customers. This new strategy is private lte sms marketing. This type of marketing seems to be the new method to keep customers in the loop with sales, product launches and more!

Finding new ways to communicate with your customers where they’re at is the most important aspect of marketing. That’s why I wanted to feature some ipx sms marketing tips and tricks for you all today. These tips and tricks will help you get up to par with a new method of marketing – mobile messaging services marketing.

I don’t know about you, but if a brand wants to send me a text message once a week or even twice a week, then it wouldn’t bug me at all. This holds especially true if they’re sending me a deal or promo code!

I know we’re all different in our feelings about this topic, so let’s just stick with tips for those entrepreneurs and brands out there who came here to find new tips and tricks that will help them run a successful SMS marketing campaign

IPX SMS Marketing Tips and Tricks

When you first get ready to use private lte for your sms mobile messaging marketing campaign, you’ll want to make sure you have something like pix network to protect the privacy of the messages and campaigns you send out. Below are my favorite tips and tricks that brands have shared with me to pass along to all my mompreneur friends out there trying to reach their goals this year.

Get Permission

The number one rule with mobile messaging services or any marketing campaign that includes you send emails or some sort of message out to people requires permission. You’ll need to have a clear descriptive page about what the person has opt into and how to opt out.

This is the law in most places, so you’ll do well getting familiar with the various laws in your region regarding permission to market to someone via private lte.

Consider the Frequency

I started this by saying I am cool with getting a random text message here and there from my favorite brands. I’m especially happy to get mobile messages when Dominos is delivering my food or another brand is offering me a fabulous discount code.

So you’ll need to consider how often is too often with your unique brand’s messaging. Each message should have a purpose and a clear reason for reaching out to your customer. I’d say send a text message out every 3-5 days or so and see how that goes via pix network for maximum security.

Know the Timezones

Don’t forget to set your mobile messaging services to align with each subscriber’s proper timezone! The last thing you want is to anger a potential customer. Making a customer angry will result in negative word of mouth and of course, an unsubscribe from your list. Thus resulting in one less person you can market to!

You’ll want to have the marketing campaign for your private lte IPX mobile messaging goals to be updated with each customer’s timezone. This will ensure you’re never waking someone up by texting them far too early or too late in the day.

As you can see above there are a few major rules to think about when you’re developing your first sms mobile messaging campaign. I hope that these three tips will inspire you to sit down and make a list of what’s necessary for each step of your IPX private lte mobile messaging campaign before you even try to send one text out to a customer.

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