Is Electrical Appliance Testing Mandatory For Businesses In Sussex?

Electrical appliance testing, previously known as Portable Appliance Testing or PAT testing, is important for businesses operating their business in the UK and not only in Sussex. The testing ensures that equipment is safe to use and complies with different safety regulations, including:

● The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations of 1998 (PUWER)
● The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations of 1999
● The Electricity at Work Regulations (1989)
● Health and Safety at Work Act (1974)

What Is Portable Appliance Testing?

This test is often carried out to ensure the safe use of electrical appliances, tools, and other equipment. It offers the organizations and employees a sense of security that the electrical tools and appliances are free from every hazard. It is critical that you hire well-qualified engineers to conduct the test as they have the right skills, knowledge, and certification to ensure the utmost safety of the appliance.

Depending on the type of appliance you use, and how old it is, you may require frequent examinations by the professionals.

Is Electrical Appliance Testing Mandatory?

The answer to this question is NO. PAT Testing Sussex is not mandatory but critical to ensuring adherence to safety and health compliance to prevent or eliminate possible dangers. According to Health and Safety Execution (HSE), the law does not specify how often an organization needs to examine its equipment.

Nevertheless, it is essential that the person you hire to check or examine the appliances is competent to do so. It has been observed that in low-risk environments, company employees (who have adequate knowledge about the equipment) inspect the equipment visually. For a thorough inspection, one requires a high level of knowledge and experience along with:

  • Proper tools to conduct the examination.
  • Skills to use the equipment properly.
  • Skills to understand the results.

It is also noteworthy that if an appliance is regularly used, such as an electric kettle or a floor cleaner, it should be inspected more often. It will ensure that the necessary repairs are made on time, improving the appliance’s efficiency. Regular maintenance also ensures abidance with the legal requirements.

Reasons To Conduct PAT

You might agree that electrical appliances hold the risks of burns, electric shock, and hazardous fires. Such incidents can destroy the premises and injure the employees severely. In order to create a safe working environment in the business and avoid any possible fatal incident, you must conduct PAT testing.

All the appliances classified as Earthed, Double Insulated, and extra-low voltage equipment (appliances operating on battery) should be inspected.

Do You Need To Keep A Record Of Testing?

As it is not mandatory to conduct electrical appliances testing, you need not record or keep a record of testing. But, having a record will come in handy for the company management to monitor and review the maintenance schedules. It will ensure that the next examination is scheduled on time.

The Bottom Line

Portable Appliance Testing is important for elevating workplace safety and enhancing equipment efficiency. So, it would be best to connect with qualified electricians to get the electrical appliances in your organization examined.


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