As I enter the stage of having an adult child, all of these new questions arise. Will my oldest attend college? After all, this child excels in academics and some family members say it’s a waste of that intelligence to not further her education. Will my oldest child get a job and move out? What are the future plans for my 2020 virtual charter school graduate?

To which all of these answers are mostly unknown. We’re not sure if my oldest is to attend college, but if she does, it most certainly won’t be this first year out of high school. My oldest has applied to a couple of colleges and I’ve told her to look into options like Nancy Etz scholarship and other scholarships. With the grades this child has had in her high school career, there has to be some college financial assistance or scholarships available. 

Why I Didn’t Push College

Let’s start with a little chat about why I didn’t push college with my oldest and won’t push college with the younger two children. Going to college is the first real adult decision a child must make. This decision, aside from some college scholarships they may receive, will put them immediately into debt. This is all fine and dandy if my children decide to go into an industry that nearly guarantees a job after graduation in a field that has a high paying salary.

Since many people are still paying college debt, I wanted to make sure that the college choice was placed on my child’s shoulders. I’ve tried to educate them about the reality of attending college, the costs involved, the financial aid available, the scholarships available, and so on so that they’re better able to determine if this path will be the right choice for their future.

I believe in giving my children all of their information, questions to ask, and what to research so that they’re more equipped to make an educated decision about their choice to attend or not attend college.

Is the Nancy Etz Scholarship Right For Your Child?

The Nany Etz scholarship offers a $1,000 academic scholarship to apply to tuition costs for full-time undergraduate or graduate schools in the United States. They’re currently accepting college scholarship applications for the 2020-2021 school year.

This scholarship for college is meant to help students who are enrolled in college and doing well academically to get a little tuition help. The Nancy Etz Academic Scholarship allows students who are doing well academically to receive $1,000 towards tuition when they apply and are accepted to receive this college scholarship option.

Many students would love to have this reduction in their tuition, especially if they’ve been working hard and have proven that their academics are a top priority.  If you or someone you know is a current college student and is looking for a scholarship to apply to, then you should check out Nany Etz to see if this academic scholarship is something that interests your college student.

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