It all Begins With Time Management

Hi friends! Coach Brandy here with a little message. I wanted to start back to basics with you. That time, about four years ago, was when I started dabbling in these life-altering habits.

It all began in 2019 when the family was homeless. Let me start by saying that while the family was homeless, it was a trip, and we made it fun! We stayed in tents and hotels and eventually slept in 2 vehicles. During this season, my sons’ Dad also became homeless with his Mom (RIP, now) so we sort of just all combined efforts to live in tents, hotels, and eventually the vehicles *his Mom stayed with his sister during some of this season.

During this time, my healing journey from a previous season in life began, and thus, a new “me” emerged from the rubble.

Okay, now that the backstory is summed up, it’s time to explain where my cheat code system begins … you won’t hear this story in as much detail in Habits = Life, but you will gain much knowledge inside that book to start a new habit with success every 30 days or so.

Here’s what I had to say about Time Management as an Entrepreneur in 2021 …

Habit Changes Begin with Time Management

I was lying in bed last night, unable to sleep, when an idea came to me! How can I start working with clients on a fundamental level? Where would I suggest clients working with me begin their journey to a better self?

That’s when Source sent me some dreams about all of the videos and steps I did, starting way back in the 2019 or 2020 season of my life. I woke up today realizing that the first discussion I must have with clients will surround their time.

We all have 24 hours in any given day to work, play, engage, and do whatever each human does in a day. While I am no magician, I can make these 24 hours seem more than they are in your life.

Yes, it’s true! I can help share some time management tips & tools that can expand the amount of things you can do in a day.

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Use Tech for Time Management

There are so many reasons why I have this loving feeling about tech. The first is that it makes my life so much easier! Everything from Google Calendar that you can share with your household for appointments, bills, and more to the Clockify App that allows you to track where your time is spent; tech advancements can help you gain more time in that 24 hours.

Here are some of the tech tools I’ve used in the past, or continue to use, or bring back into my day if I’ve fallen off track (yes, I am human; sometimes life gets away from me, too):

  • – This desktop app helps me figure out where I spend my time. I set up various categories and tracked where my time was being spent. I even track specific clients in my ghostwriting business to see if I’m charging enough and being efficient enough with my time.
  • Asana – This is my favorite space to color code (tag) my projects throughout the month. I use this as my calendar app for business & business ideas. I believe this YT video details how I use Asana for my ghostwriting business. Still, the same rules apply to using it in other areas of your entrepreneurial life.
  • Email Labels & Folders – This may not sound like ‘time management,’ but hear me out. Labeling the emails that come in (and I get tons of them daily) is a fabulous way to find what I need quickly. I use labels in Gmail and folders in my Siteground Hosting account for maximum productivity.
  • Sync Bookmarks – Using bookmarks on Google Chrome and syncing them to my devices (like my phone, laptop, etc.) helps me manage time more efficiently. Have you ever had issues remembering that URL you visited on your PC when working from the computer on the road?! I have! It’s happened so often that I am fine having Google sync my stuff across devices. It saves a lot of time.
  • Organize Bookmarks – That brings me to my next time management step: organize your bookmarks! Each new year, I have a new [year Biz] label on my bookmarks bar where I manage all of my work stuff for the current year. This is great, as I don’t lose my bookmarks from previous work years while keeping an organized bookmark list for the current year (things change, friends, so it’s nice to have an updated bookmark list each new business year).
From above of unrecognizable woman sitting at table and typing on keyboard of computer during remote work in modern workspace

I am sure I have a lot of other tech cheat code systems that help me with time management so that I can easily add new habits to my lifestyle. For now, that list above gets you started on the right foot.

Let’s recap …

  • Step 1 – Start with Clockify to evaluate where your time is being spent. I believe they have an app for your cell phone, too! This will help you track the time throughout your entire day. I want you to track meal prep, eating time, leisure time, and everything you do daily. Just be sure to update the label in Clockify so that you can evaluate each task of the day! Or contact me for a quote to work with on this step and gain access to my professional insight for your specific situation.
  • Step 2 – Grab a calendar app; I’ve heard people love the Cozi App while others enjoy Google Calendar like me (yes, I installed that on my iPhone, too). Find one that works by testing them until you see which “sticks.” Color code the calendar. I have red = bills, purple = appointments or personal time, and green = paydays when my monthly ghostwriting or life coach clients pay me.
  • Step 3 – Start dealing with those bookmarks and email accounts! This is the final step in getting some time back in the day. Use my tips above to sync bookmarks and make bookmarks more organized. This could take days to do, but it’s OK. Schedule some time and track it in Clockify to see how long it takes you. Again, you can contact me for some assistance during this process; my job as a Success Life Coach is to help you succeed!

Start dealing with those bookmarks and email accounts! This is the final step in getting some time back in the day. Use my tips above to sync bookmarks and make bookmarks more organized. This could take days to do, but it’s OK. Schedule some time and track it in Clockify to see how long it takes you.

As you can see, you can take a few simple steps in your life so you feel more in control again. Let’s face it: we all want to feel as if something is in our control these days.

With life happening so quickly, news flashing negativity in our faces, social media filled with people “living their best life,” and you sitting here wondering how you can even make ends meet? No wonder you need at least one thing to go right today!

That’s why sharing my time management tips would be helpful for you today. These tips are about getting something in your life flowing right, even if it’s just managing time by organizing a little data in your busy entrepreneurial life.


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