Entrepreneurship is a long road, and you need more than passion and commitment to navigate it. A strategic approach is essential to setting up a new business and driving its growth. But you have to go the extra mile to establish a global venture. It starts with choosing the apt destination for your international startup. You must look for a viable market with easy entry and good growth prospects.

Simple immigration norms are an advantage. Italy makes one of the best destinations for global entrepreneurs because it covers all fronts. The best part is the investor visa that makes immigration a breeze, and you can get in touch with the team of InvestorVisaforItaly.com to learn more about it. Here is a short checklist that budding global entrepreneurs can follow.

Decide your investment ability

Since the investor visa is a hefty investment, you have to be financially ready for it. Most entrepreneurs run tight on the money, and funding can be a concern. Experts recommend factoring the investor visa cost into your startup’s financial planning. It keeps you more comfortable with the entire journey. The good thing about the Italian investor visa is that it is more affordable than in most other countries.

Consider your funding options

Once you complete the financial planning part, you will probably have a fair idea of the amount you can set aside for immigration. Fortunately, you have multiple options for the Italian investor visa. Consider the following alternative and decide on the one you can afford-

  • An innovative Italian startup (€250,000)
  • An established business operating in Italy (€500,000)
  • A philanthropic welfare donation (€1 million)
  • Purchase of government bonds (€2 million)

Get your paperwork ready

Another good thing for global entrepreneurs looking to leverage an Italian investor visa is that you need not bring the funds upfront. You have to pay them only after completing the process and getting your residence permit. But you will have to prove your financial capacity with bank statements showing the funds. These are a must-have for the nulla osta process, so ensure you get the documents ready in advance.

Extend your reach across the EU

The next thing after getting your investor visa is to land in Italy and move a step ahead with your startup goals. You can establish your venture right after getting your residence permit and bringing in the committed investment. It is also an opportunity to extend your reach across the EU as you can fly visa-free in the Schengen region being an Italian resident. So you can build a truly global enterprise.

Aspire for citizenship

Remember to think long-term as you will expect to stay in Italy for good after setting up your venture here. Luckily, the investor visa entitles you to a second passport in the long run. Staying in Italy for a decade qualifies you for citizenship by naturalization. The only condition is that you have to retain your investment in the country and renew your residence status from time to time.

The Italian investor visa takes budding global entrepreneurs a long way. Follow this checklist to leverage it for fulfilling your business goals.

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