Jewelry Appraisal Guide 2021 – Understanding This Procedure

An expert appraisal is a process of determining the value of a specific piece of jewelry or gemstones. You might think it’s useless, but resellers, investors, collectors, and people who want to pay a fair price appreciate this procedure. Visit this source to find out why jewelry is good investment.

The expert will conduct an appraisal to determine an estimated value. After that, they will often provide you with a written document. It will contain a complete description of the jewelry or gemstone. They will sign and seal this estimate, and you can use it as expert proof showing the value of your item.

Why You Need Jewelry Appraisal

It’s always good to know how much your valuables are worth. But in certain situations, it’s necessary to estimate the value of precious items as accurately as possible. For example, if you buy gold rings for resale or are engaged in making, you might be interested in how profitable they are.

One of the most common reasons to have jewelry appraisal done is to determine the selling price. Whether you are looking for a loose diamond or one packaged for resale, having an estimate performed will give you an idea of its worth, making it easier to form the final price.

Besides gold and diamond, jewelry appraisal is also vital for different metals. You can also visit here to learn or shop for other pieces.  

If you’re a seller or jewelry maker, having a certified appraisal may allow you to get a better price for your authentic item. As you will know the worth of your piece, buyers or resellers will need good reasons to lower it.

Buyers often don’t have enough knowledge about precious metals and the quality of artistry. They could easily pay for something much more than it’s really worth. It can be tricky to evaluate the diamond based on its appearance. With an appraiser’s advice, you can judge the gem’s color, clarity, cut, and carat and determine its real worth.

What to Expect

Suppose you are a professional seller or jewelry maker, or you just inherited some valuables. In that case, there is little chance that you can determine the exact price. Appraisers will help you with that, but you have to be ready to face reality. Maybe your piece is not valuable as you think.

You can have your jewelry appraised for many reasons. But you should know that factors such as family tradition and sentimental values have almost no importance in the assessment process. Also, be aware that the value of your item will vary depending on whether you are selling it, using it as collateral or insurance, or as a liquidation asset.

Prices of precious materials are subject to change. If you keep in mind that they affect jewelry value, it is clear that one piece can have different worth in different periods. Have an expert appraisal every few years to keep insurance coverage up to date.

Factors Used in Jewelry Appraisal

It is imperative to know the factors that affect the value of the precious item you plan to buy or sell. Some of the most common factors that estimators usually consider are the physical features such as material, condition, design, size, cut, etc.

These are ‘cosmetic’ factors, as jewelry is used for decoration and making the owner feel good about wearing it. For example, the shinier the diamond is, you’ll be more proud of wearing it. If it has some fine cut, it can be a real star on your hand or neck.

Factors like age, quality of artistry, and authenticity matter, too, as they usually raise jewelry value. These are the unbiased parameters that the expert uses to determine the actual value. Appraisers can easily check whether the item you have is genuine or not.

Tips on Finding Appraiser

When you are looking to buy fine jewelry or gemstones, it’s a good idea to get an expert opinion before that. But that can be a tricky task, as there are no state licensing requirements for them. In simple words, anyone can be an appraiser.

That’s why you should do some research. Check websites of industry associations to find an appraiser in your area. Take some time to look for reviews. Visit the chosen appraisers and interview them. Ask for proof of expertise, like a gemological degree.

An appraiser will give you a written description, as well as an estimate of the retail value of the item. If you can, get at least three estimates before making a decision. Most jewelry stores offer free estimates, but not always. If you already strive for a free quote, ensure you get at least two more.

Once you have found an appraiser that you feel comfortable with, follow their advice. They will guide you on how much the item is worth based on their experience. If you have some inherited gems, you probably have some preferences toward them. But keep them on the side and listen to appraisers’ tips, as they can help you make critical financial decisions.

Online Jewelry Appraisal

In-person evaluation of the valuable piece you own is always the best method to find its worth. Appraisal guides are available in jewelry stores, pawnshops, and the Internet. There are many websites with specialized tools and free guidebooks about this method of assessing.

If you think of becoming appraiser, see the page below:

These guides contain a wealth of information about the procedure, specific methods, and factors that appraisers use. They may list the physical qualities of the jewelry that you should look for, as well as valuable information about the items’ history.

When you are ready to buy or sell valuable items, think of having the expert estimate done first. It may allow you to get a better price than you would get if you were to go without an appraisal. Although some people think it’s unnecessary, having your jewelry or gems certified by an expert can benefit you. You may find that an appraisal guide can be handy in filling the gaps between your knowledge of jewelry and its real retail value.


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