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Just Don’t Eat the Bagel

The words ringing thru my head as I patiently waited for that onion bagel to pop out of the toaster so I could slather it up with some cream cheese, “just don’t eat the bagel”.

While waiting, I was having a conversation with my 12-year-old son about how eating these bagels covered in cream cheese is part of my problem with this added waistline fluff {fluff is my word for extra weight/fat}.

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The conversation went something like this:

Him, “what are you making?”

Me, “An onion bagel with cream cheese that I’ll regret eating later.”

Him, “Then why are you eating it if you’ll regret it?”

Me, “Because it’s out of my control. I cannot control myself around these bagels and cream cheese in the house.”

Him, “Then why buy them?”

Me, “Well, I didn’t realize I had this self-control problem around bagels with cream cheese until now. So, I won’t be buying bagels with cream cheese again anytime soon.”

Him, “I don’t get it. Why can’t you just not eat the bagel?!?”

Me, “It’s hard to explain. I guess there are some things that I can be self-disciplined about because they’re a priority but other things? Well, this is just a quirk I have that I clearly don’t have the desire to change so I’ll just not buy the bagels and cream cheese next week.”

Him, “Okay that makes no sense. You should be able to just not eat the bagel …”

It was hard explaining to my son the thought process here. He’s right, I should be able to just not eat the bagel or at least not eat two bagels slathered in cream cheese every day. The thing is? I couldn’t stop. I just could not resist that toasted onion {or everything} bagel loaded up with cream cheese.

I had bought bagels and cream cheese in previous weeks without issue. It was just this particular week where my mind needed and craved that carb-full treat not once but twice a day! I had no logical explanation to tell my son who clearly wanted to make sense of my nonsense.

This story got me thinking; why is it that I’m extremely self-disciplined in some areas of life but not others? And is this true for other people out there in the world?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I’m not alone in my lack of self-control around certain foods or things.

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Self-Control With Food

I call it “eating my feelings”. Yes, that fatty cheeseburger from McDonald’s may taste horrible and leave me feeling like crap for the rest of the day, but I crave it. That bagel and cream cheese will leave me feeling sleepy and non-motivated, but I still crave it.

Whenever I’m feeling under the weather, or a bit sad, lost, and other not-so-great feelings I tend to crave the foods that don’t sit well in my belly.

It seems eating your feelings is all about eating foods that strengthen the feelings. This is what I’m going to call self-sabotaging behavior.

You’re feeling horrible and don’t want to feel that way but you make decisions, such as “eating your feelings” that only reward those feelings and make them worse.

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So how can you have self-control with food?

The best way I’ve learned to have self-control with food is to not buy the sugary or fatty foods that I crave during these moments in life. Let’s face it, life is unpredictable so we’re all going to have those down moments. It’s totally normal!

The reality is that I don’t like how I feel after I eat these types of foods, so if I can’t control myself around them? I just won’t buy them.

I’ve figured out the easiest way to keep myself from eating unhealthy foods is to simply not have these options within my home. I know I won’t hop in my car to drive to the drive-thru for that burger I’m craving and I know I won’t waste money ordering delivery online; therefore if the food isn’t in the house? I can’t eat it.

You need to realize what isn’t working and make a choice that will encourage you to stop doing it!

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This leads me to the topic of working from home. You see, my lack of self-control in the food department can trigger bad behaviors in my business life, too.

Self-Discipline With Work at Home

I’ve been working from home since 2006, but more recently I’ve registered as a business. This means I’m a true business, Brandy Ellen Enterprises, with goals and dreams for years to come. One of the best decisions I made in 2020 was to start thinking like a business woman.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for so long that I never thought to revisit my mindset in this arena, until now.

You see, one of the issues with entrepreneurs is that they don’t want to sound pushy or spammy to their online community. They hold back or they do things for free to help others because they feel bad charging for their time. This is why most entrepreneurs will not succeed.

According to this article, only 80% of entrepreneurs succeed in their first year. Of those, 70% survive the second year. When you look at the third year; only 30% of the entrepreneurs remain in business.

There are varying reasons why most entrepreneurs fall out by the third year, but most have to do with mindset. Many entrepreneurs have great ideas but they neglect to think like a business. It takes a lot to be successful as an entrepreneur.

You need to be willing to admit where your weaknesses are, what things you’ll never wish to learn, and where your strengths are.

So, how can you practice self-discipline to be in that 30% statistic for entrepreneurs?

You’ll need to make a list of everything you wish to achieve with your business in the next one, three, five, and ten years. Take note of what skills you’ll need to learn or what skills you’ll need to outsource.

It takes a team to build an empire, the team is what will make or break your entrepreneurial business.

Consider the time involved with your goals. Start looking into hiring a virtual assistant, marketing team, financial advisor, or anyone else that can strengthen the areas of business that you’re weakest at.

This is something I’m doing in 2021; I’m making the commitment to build Brandy Ellen Enterprises bigger and better than ever … with a team!

If you truly want to succeed as an entrepreneur then you’re going to need to drop your ego and be willing to learn new things or admit when you need help.

Why Connect Food and Entrepreneur Story Together?

Perhaps you’re wondering why I’m connecting my bagel eating story with entrepreneur stuff. Totally fair question. You see, the way my mind works is that I’m constantly comparing all areas of life and habits I have.

I’m intelligent enough to realize that these habits or weaknesses that I notice about myself will leak into my business life.

I have to be willing to understand my lack of self-control in one area, such as that delicious bagel with cream cheese can sneak over into my entrepreneurial life. Thus wreaking havoc with my business goals.

If I lack self-control in one area and don’t do anything to curb it, then I will be a person without self-control in all areas.

It’s that simple, really. This is why I’m constantly evaluating my behaviors, habits, thoughts, and responses to situations around me. If I go too long without pausing to correct some mindset or behavioral patterns, then I will become one of the entrepreneurs who are gone within their third year of business.

So, my only question left to ask is; do you want to be in that 30% bracket or the 70% bracket? If you want to be in the 30% then you’re going to have to do things you don’t normally do. You’re going to have to work through these little self-control problems and mindset patterns that hold you back from being the most successful person ever.

There are a few books I’ve found helpful, plus I have some YouTube playlists that I listen to daily that help encourage me to adapt and grow as each new day arrives.

The key is to figure out what helps you feel more in control of your life, thoughts, and behavior?

Then repeat the process every day.

Do not stop learning.

Do not stop adapting.

Stay focused on the end goal and take a baby step each day to gain self-control, self-discipline, and in turn?

You’ll wake up one day and see that you’ve done it!

You are successful!

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