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All About The Kancamagus Scenic Byway

One of the most breathtaking scenic points of New England, called Kancamagus Highway, is a beautiful scenic drive that stretches to around 34.5 miles. The Kancamagus Highway, which you can call “The Kanc” for short as locals do, is along Route 112 in Northern New Hampshire. It is well renowned as one of the most beautiful Falls Foliage viewing areas in the United States. Being loved by travelers for many years, and due to the rich history, culture, and calming aesthetic, The Kancamagus Highway has been designated a scenic byway. 

“Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.”

The byway passes through the gorgeous and breathtaking White Mountain National Forest and has many spots along the way, all of which give outstanding views of the natural landscapes nearby. Some of the best views around the Kancamagus Scenic Byway include Rocky Gorge, Lower Falls, and the White Mountains. The highway is surrounded by the natural beauty of these places, which makes it a perfect scenic highway for your road trip. 

If we talk about the other regions in this area, there is not much to be seen that offers what Kancamagus Highway does. The local people of the region know the highway as “The Kanc.”

It is home to various spots that serve as hiking trails and are the perfect spots for a getaway. It also has walking paths for those who prefer to walk instead of hiking, surrounded by picture-perfect ponds.

The Kanc has a large number of natural wonders that need to be explored. All of this natural beauty is open throughout the year, so you can come with your loved ones to spend the best time of your life here. Although, if you plan to go during the months of winter, you will encounter a closed intersection, which is one of the most critical intersections of the Highway. This intersection connects the highway to a town called “Bartlett” and is near Bear Notch Road. If you come in winter, you won’t have access to this intersection, but all of the rest would be open. 

The Kancamagus Highway extends towards Conway, starting from near Lincoln. As the highway stretches towards Conway, the NH 112 Route of the Highway extends a little. As the Highway begins from the west end, there are many natural spots that tourists tend to visit.

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The Kancamagus Highway has its fair share of scenic views that lure visitors from every corner of the world. The quintessential scenery of New England is the best thing that could happen to your road trip if you are planning to take a road trip in the fall. The perfect scenery is an addition to your fantastic road trip. From bright colors of fall to wooden bridges, Kancamagus Highway has everything. Some of the other attractions on The Kancamagus Highway are:

Lower Falls Scenic Area

The Lower Falls Scenic Area has a large number of shallow pools. In the months of Summer, this is the perfect spot to have a little fun with your friends and family. You can have a water fight or take a sunbathe at the rocks at this beautiful point. Make sure that when you visit this area, you have sturdy water shoes that will help you stay in the water. 

Albany Covered Bridge

If you want to visit the beautiful and one of the most visited places of the Kancamagus Highway, get off at the Covered Bridge Campground. When you get off at this point, you will need to walk across the Albany Covered Wooden Bridge. It was built in 1858 above the beautiful Swift River, but after some time, it was abandoned and became non-functional. When it was restored in 1970, it became one of the most beautiful bridges in New Hampshire. When you are at the bridge, there is also a 3-mile trail that you can hike to. It provides a fantastic view of the river and Mount Chocorua.

Rocky Gorge Scenic Area

Rocky Gorge Scenic Area is another scenic point at the Swift River. There is a footbridge present at the Rocky Gorge Area, which you can use to explore the natural beauty of surroundings, as swimming is not allowed at this particular point. Nearby, there is the Lovequist Loop Trail present around the Falls Pond. It also gives a delightful walk around the woods. Thus, you can explore both Swift River and Falls Pond, respectively, from Rocky Gorge and Lovequist Loop Trail.

Russel-Colbath Historic Site

Russel-Colbath Historic Site is one of the most exciting places in New Hampshire. Ironically, it is not a landscape but just a tiny house. The history of the house is what makes it interesting. It was built in 1832 by Thomas Russel and was inherited by his granddaughter Ruth in 1887. One day, Ruth’s husband left the house and said he would be back “in a little while.” Following days, Ruth hung a lantern in the window every evening in the hope of her husband’s return. This ritual went on for 39 years until Ruth passed away. Interestingly, after the three years of her death, her husband found his way back home. An interesting story can be seen when you look at the old walls of the Russel-Colbath Historic Site.

Upper Lady’s Bath

The Upper Lady’s Bath is another of the great swimming holes of New Hampshire. It is located on the Big Rock Campground and is an old-fashioned swimming hole, which is the most inviting in the hot days of September.

Sabbaday Falls

If you are looking for a hike that is not tiring and offers a good view, the less than a half-mile hike to the Sabbaday Falls would be perfect for you. It is a beautiful hike with breathtaking views and impressive waterfalls.

As now you know most things about Kancamagus Highway, it would be the perfect time for you to take a NH road trip with your loved ones to this one-of-a-kind highway.


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