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Keyword and SEO Research for Food Blogger Content

Welcome to the ultimate guide on keyword research for food bloggers! Whether you’re a seasoned foodie with a passion for sharing recipes or a newbie stepping into the flavorful world of food blogging, mastering the art of keyword research is crucial for boosting your online presence. In this blog post, I dive deep into the art and science of SEO keyword research, tailored specifically for culinary content creators.

You’ll find a comprehensive Loom video where I walk you through my tried-and-true methods, followed by a detailed transcript for your convenience. This guide is crafted to empower you with practical tips and actionable strategies to enhance your blog’s visibility, attract more food enthusiasts, and make your delicious content more discoverable in the vast online world.

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00:00 Hey guys, so we are here today checking out how to create SEO content for food bloggers. Since I’m doing a tutorial to show other people how to do this, I thought I would get on Loom here andokay I did sharing here, thought I’d get on Loom and show you guys.

00:17 Hey guys, a little bit about how to do this, so I have all these things open. So basically, I am working on SEO content for PB and Coconut homemade dog treats, right?

00:31 So here we go. This is this, I have this, if you look. What I have done already is myI have my recipe card done.

00:46 That’s it. That’s all I have so far is this recipe card, right? So I’m going to do this. I’m going along with this tutorial which we’ll be live in a little bit on

00:58 going to add SEO content to your food blog recipes because I actually- do this as a service. It’s on sale right now and I do text content for food bloggers and I haven’t done it in a while.

01:10 I paused for a bit and now I’m back to it and instead of just offering it as a service I thought I’d show y’all how to do it yourself just in case you had the time to.

01:18 Invest in doing it yourself. And so that is what this video, oh my goodness, that is what this video is about.

01:25 It’s helping you see how I craft up SEO content for food bloggers. As a means to show you kind of how you can do it yourself if you’d like to.

01:34 There are two services I use. I’m using the free version right now but a lot of times I do have the paid.

01:39 I just, I had to cut some costs this month. So I like to use Ubersuggest. And I have some keyword ideas already put in here for my do-it-yourself dog treats and PB dog treats.

01:51 Then I Answer the Public to figure out what is, what are people asking about the recipe that I’m making content for.

01:59 In this particular case it’s do-it-yourself dog treats. Right here, do-it-yourself dog treats are 484 results. So what I do is I go through here and look at all the questions and see like, well, I could do why make homemade dog treats?

02:13 That might work, right? Bye, bye. Make ho-whoops, why make homemade dog treats? And this is my list of notes. We’ll look at this in a second.

02:24 I create a list to work with client stuff, but a client- a person out there who wants to do this themselves is a good way to do it.

02:31 So do homemade dog treats need to be refrigerated? That’s a good one.only has like 20 searches so you may not want to use those.

02:39 But if you get into here 1.3, how can I make homemade dog treats? can I make homemade, oh my goodness, how can I make homemade dog treats?

02:49 We’ll want to use that a few times and answer it so that people come and find my recipe. Can you make your own dog treats?

02:55 This doesn’t really have a lot of searches.And I can’t really see all those other ones, but I’m gonna just go with my gut and say, you know what, what makes sense?

03:03 What is, you know, these are not really good dog train, the treats. I’m not good dog training treats, butwhich dog treats are safe, which dog treats are healthy.

03:13 I don’t really want to get into that because you know, I should leave that to like people that are special, specialists in that arena.

03:20 So I’m going to stick with things like that, like how to make your dog. Dog treats from scratch. How do you make your dog treats from scratch?

03:31 And now what I’m going to do is, these are actually peanut butter and coconut dog treats. I’m going to go ctrl a, pb, coconut, dog treats.

03:41 Let’s see what people are asking about that. If I can get in. Another search. Hmm. it’ll let me. Let’s see.

03:48 right. I thought I was logged in, but go away. Dismiss. Coconut Dog Treats. I’m pretty satisfied, but I’m gonna leave you alone for a minute.

03:58 So you can see highly searched, average searched, lowest searched, right? And I’m searching for you United States. If you live somewhere else, you’re gonna want to put in your country.

04:06 Unless you’re trying to… traffic is coming from the United States and put that in, you can put different languages. It’s pretty cool.

04:11 You can search Google, YouTuber, bang. I typically search Google. It says one to two words for best results. in here, I’m gonna see what are people asking.

04:19 Can you make dog treats with coconut flour? I use coconut flour since this is coconut oil. not really getting into that.

04:26 Can dogs have coconut peanut butter? I’m gonna do that. Can dogs have coconut peanut butter? I might include coconut butter.

04:34 Can I in       What    Substitute in dog treats for peanut butter. As you know as a recipe food blogger, you substitute for something people always ask about.

04:44 know, peanut butter, coconut dog treats, I’m already going to be using them. might want to, if you’re interested in including this because dogs should not have that eggs, eggs, zit, I don’t know how to say it, zil-a-tal, they shouldn’t have that.

04:57 So what PB contains that, I’m going to include links to peanut butters that don’t have it so I’m not going to answer that.

05:03 I’m not going to include that in mine, but if I was working for a client who maybe specified they wanted me to address that topic, then I would include that in my write up.

05:12 Let’s see, can I use coconut flour for dog treats? Again, I’m not using coconut flour though. see. have coconut peanut butter.

05:20 I already did that one. What can I substitute for peanut butter? So I think I’m, is PB good for dogs?

05:28 excuse me, I’ve used Ubersuggest, I’ve usedAnswer, Answer the Public, and now I have included all of my notes in here, right, for, these are the keywords I’m gonna look at, these are some of the questions that came up in Ubersuggest, and then these are some of the questions from what the public is actually

05:46 asking on the internet. Based on Google searches in English in the United States. And so I definitely want to use this do yourself dog treats Actually, I’m gonna use PB dog treats and then how to make dog treats for dogs.

06:03 That’s something I’m probably focused on how can I make. So then the next step of SEO content anyways is to go through here and figure out what you want to use and what you don’t want to use.

06:14 So I would like to use for my dog treats so that I can niche it down.I like to niche it down as much as possible.

06:22 I have a long tail keyword. So then I kind of start following, following up higher in the search engines for, for very specific, niched specialties.

06:31 And it may scare you to do that, but it actually has been very beneficial for me to try this with clients in my own sites.

06:38 So with other keyword stuff too. So now what ingredients are good? We might want to list like some ingredients that are good for dog treats.

06:47 And then I’m not, these are not good dog treats for giving tablets. So I’m not going to include that. So how much of homemade dog treats sell for, we’re not writing a post about how to sell dog treats, not again, I include that how many dog treats per day.

06:59 We could probably include that. how do you. Can you make dog treats from scratch? I might use that. How can I make homemade dog treats?

07:06 It’s the same as that. might not use this, but I’m going to leave it there just in case. So I’ll highlight it as like a, as like a maybe or something.

07:15 Okay.No. So, Okay. Is people bad for dogs? I do want to maybe talk about that. make homemade dog treats?

07:25 Eh. How can I make them? Sure. How do you make them from scratch? Again, I might do that. Can dogs have coconut peanut butter?

07:31 going to look that up because coconut peanut butter might actually be a thing and I’m not using that in the recipe.

07:36 I’m using coconut oil and peanut butter. So what I’ll do with something like this is I’m going to turn it into, whoops, I’m going to.

07:44 Highlight it in orange so I can look at that a little bit. I guess not orange, but like this color.

07:49 So I can look into this a little further to see if it would be good to include in my client’s SEO blog post or in this case, my SEO blog post.

07:56 So what can I substitute for dog shoes, peanut butter? Yeah, definitely. And is PB good for dogs? I’d rather do that than as a PB bad because I’m an optimist.

08:04 So now that I have this, what I’ll start doing is I will start writing the intro. I will start writing a little bit of information to get people ready and excited about making dog treats for their dog.

08:15 probably start including my personal experience trying to make failed attempts at, you know, dog muffins and the dog birthday muffin and other things just to kind of add my personal touch to it while also making.

08:27 Sure that I’m doing the SEO side. So one of the things to the SEO side that I would just like to show you before we’re going to add an FAQ, right?

08:37 Let’s see. I don’t know which one’s which. Let’s try this, right? There you go. So this is really good to have like below your recipe.

08:44 And so this is where I actually would probably put is PB good for dogs. But another thing I would do to figure out what to put in your frequently asked questions is actually search Google PB coconut dog, dog treats, right?

09:01 I’m sorry. Let’s do homemade, right? now what I would do is people also ask, I would look in here, right?

09:08 Sometimes you should put this to incognito mode to get a little fresher search, but I’m just doing this for the purpose of the video.

09:14 You know, it’s key. So some of these questions. You might want to use an FAQs, you know, is peanut butter dog treats good for dogs and you’d copy it.

09:22 You’d paste this plain text. You would research it or write your answer based on what you know. You’re going to add another question.

09:30 There you go. And how can I make homemade dog treats, right? Because, you know, that’s what this post is. gromatic.

09:40 Deal with grammar. You know, I say four to five in here and, ah, four to five in here. I do this with clients if they have me having access to their blog.

09:51 Otherwise, they can do this themselves with a contract. So I’m going to go through and get this done and then I’m going to have a blog post linked in the description or with this video just to kind of show you a little bit more about how to how the final blog post looks when you are done with the SEO

10:10 content, SEO text content to go along with your recipe. And so if you want to hear a little bit more about.

10:18 More about why you need. These things, I guess you could go ahead and read my blog post and I’ll try to link within this video somewhere telling you how and why such things are so important basically so people will find you more than other food bloggers.

10:32 It’s high competition out there so I gotta jump to recipe. So anyway, I gotta go finish this and get it live for you guys.

10:40 I hope that gave you a little bit of input on how to utilize Ubersuggest as the public. Go through your notes and kinda evaluate what are you gonna include in this SEO blog post for your recipe.

10:54 And if you want to learn more, continue reading on Talk to you soon.

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