That Kick in the Gut Feeling

The thing that keeps me strong is my ability to redirect the mind to something other than any problems going on. While this may sound like a way to avoid the actual problems, it isn’t.

I do address any issues that come into play when the time is right. Often we have other responsibilities such as paying bills, raising kids and tending to our home, so we can’t address our concerns immediately in life.

While I have been told I am crazy or too emotional from time to time, which hurt me deeply, I started to realize that I am okay with someone feeling I am that way.

What that means to me is that I follow my gut, I feel deeply and in my opinion, I would rather feel so deeply that it opens me up to be vulnerable than to not feel anything and just live the motions of life.

Following That Gut Instinct - One thing I have learned about myself is that I must always listen to my gut. Let me tell you, that gut feeling sucks sometimes. Whenever I am going along with the flow, it will give me a nice kick in the stomach to the point I feel like keeling over because it hurts so bad


Ability to Read People

I am confident in my ability to read people based on what they say, their body language and their actions put forth on a regular basis. After all, you are what you do on a regular basis. Actions must always match words for me to feel trust and confidence in another person.

Now, let me also say that I completely understand people make mistakes, they do wrong because they are either bad people OR they are just having a bad day. When we ache deep inside for whatever reason we can turn into someone we are not but overall actions will match words if someone is living a true to them life.

Chaos Hits Home

There has been a lot of turmoil going on in my world for a while now, it has left me with this uneasy feeling of what is right and what is wrong. Some days I feel certain what direction to go while other days there are small pieces of doubt as to what I should really be doing.

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Kick in the Stomach

When my gut gives me a kick in the stomach like that and I feel such deep pain, I know that it’s my body’s way of telling me to smarten up, open my eyes, feel with my instincts and don’t listen to other people’s words. While other people can plead a good argument and share their perspective, nothing will beat my internal wellbeing feeling that allows me to sleep well at night knowing I am following my path that feels right. I’ve never been fearful of following my gut, sure there have been scenarios where following my gut would lead down a fiery path, but I was always okay with that. The thing is, we all have to live a life that makes our internal core feel 100% whole.

The Incorrect Path

When you venture off the path that you know is right for you, the eyes will sadden, the body will get sicker, the stomach will be in knots and you won’t feel 100% well. The human body is much like our animal friends, when you’re not doing something that aligns well with who you are or you’re in a situation that isn’t right, the body will kick things up a notch and tell you in it’s own way that you need to open those eyes and do better.

Piece of Advice for You and Me

My word of advice today is to remember that everyone is fighting their own battles, that we are all imperfect human beings and no one but the person living within your shoes can tell what battle you are fighting. Sure, outsiders can peek in and see their interpretation of the situation but the reality is the only people who can know for 100% sure the battle you’re faced with are the people living it every day. Unless you’re living it, don’t judge it. Unless you’re living it, don’t question it. We all have a right to make mistakes, to learn and to adapt as time goes on so that we find that perfect for us lifestyle.

Cheers to living your perfect for you lifestyle every day and to learn that your kick in the gut feeling isn’t the stomach bug, it’s that little piece of instinct we all have telling you to wake the heck up and do what you know in your heart of hearts is right for peace of mind.

Have you ever felt that “kick in the gut” feeling before? Were you able to listen to it and make positive changes?


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  1. Yeah, we don’t always know what is going on in other people’s lives. Compassiona and grace go a long way.

  2. So very true! I definitely always try to follow my instincts now as the what time I didn’t I got kicked in the gut. It sucked! I don’t want to experience it again. I do think that everyone needs to have that feeling at least once.

    You are also so right that everyone is going through their own battles so it can be very unfair when we jump to conclusions and judge. There is always more behind the curtain.

  3. I feel I have an excellent intuition and always trust my gut. Doing so has helped keep me out of more than a few questionable situations.

  4. So true – everyone is fighting their own battles that we all know nothing about. If people would just stop and realize there’s more to just their own little world.

  5. I think the new year has me off my game. I have got to get back into the swing of things so far my gut has been all wrong

  6. This is great advice! I’ve actually been thinking a lot lately about a gut feeling I’ve been having about a project I’m working on and I think it’s time to follow that instinct.

  7. YES! I feel like we all have to get to that kick in the gut moment on our own but once you do, you totally get it!

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