6 Gut Instincts to Never Ignore

Have you ever had that moment where you have extreme butterflies in your stomach and your heart is racing, and you are unsure if it is a gut feeling trying to lead you in one direction or not?

Or maybe all the feelings are just your anxiety roaring up trying to make you think it is your natural instincts kicking in.

Today we’ll dive into the topic of knowing when your feelings mean protection mode has kicked in with gut instincts or not.

These 6 gut instinct signs to never ignore are an important part of helping you with manifesting whatever you want.

Anxiety Is Full of Fear

Anxiety can be mistaken for gut feelings on occasion. Why? Well because you can get the same feelings of nausea, heart racing, uneasiness, wanting to run away, etc.

A lot of times anxiety has you running away from a situation out of fear, or not taking a step because you are unsure about the future. Whereas a gut feeling might be telling you to get out of a situation because it is toxic or leading you down a path that isn’t what you want.

Differences Between Gut Feelings And Anxiety

With gut feelings, you are generally neutral or just have a feeling of being drawn in one direction or another. Whereas anxiety tends to lean towards a lot of high emotions whether they are happy, sad, worrisome, anger, etc.

If it is your gut you focus on the present issue and don’t constantly dwell or go over things in the past or what the future might hold. Say you are looking for a new job with a company you have a somewhat off feeling about. You would think over if they are a good company for you or not, and if your gut says something isn’t right, you don’t take the job. If it was anxiety-driven you might obsess over where would you live, would the grass be greener getting a new job, who would your boss be, would they like you, could you do the job at hand, etc?

Anxiety thrives on fear, just remember that. Yes, some things in life are scary and it takes a leap of faith. But if it seems really dark and heavy and you are consumed by anxious thoughts, it is probably anxiety telling you to move or get out, not your gut. Your gut really helps give you a positive or negative feeling about a situation and once you follow your gut you find peace in your decision.

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How to Decide Anxiety vs Instincts?

Anxiety has a very different feel than gut instincts. Anxiety will have you worrying day in and day out, sure you will get a stomach ache from it but you’re more fearful. An instinct is a feeling much deeper and while it can give you a kick in the gut, it’s a kick that makes you realize that you must do something different.

Instincts can guide you to make a drastic work decision or a decision about a bad relationship without having much second thought. Anxiety will leave you feeling like you can’t do anything except worry, be fearful and stuck or run away. Below are three gut instincts that you should never ignore, take time to really dig deep.

Are you simply having an anxious lifestyle moment or have you become consumed with your instincts drilling you to do something and in turn, you are deteriorating health-wise? Make your choice. Stick with it. It’s okay to simply say no to anything that doesn’t feel right and if anyone gives you flack, then you weren’t that important to them anyway.

Gut Instincts you Shouldn’t Ignore

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Negative Gut Instinct Signs

  • A sense of being on “high alert”
  • Nausea or acid stomach
  • Fatigue or loss of energy

Positive Gut Instinct Signs

  • Relaxation in the gut and shoulders
  • Sharp clarity of hearing or vision
  • Ability to breathe more easily

While the above examples are simple in nature, anyone who’s been faced with a situation where they were driven by their gut instincts will know all too well what I am talking about when I share those signs.

I firmly believe that we all have the ability to listen to our instincts, it’s just environment and others around us can diminish our self-esteem and strength in such a way that once you start ignoring your instincts, they will simply start to deteriorate your health since you disobeyed their commands to acknowledge these signs and make a change.

Humans Don’t Listen to Instincts

Then there are other times when we have thoughts that direct us based on gut instincts. I read somewhere that humans are the only mammals who don’t listen to their gut instinct. I believe that to be true.

Think about it, if our gut instincts say a relationship or business isn’t going well, the last thing we want to do is have to explain that we are not pushing forward because something in our gut is unsettling. Many will laugh at you. Say that you are making it up.

Others may tell you that you are just out of control with your emotions. I say that if you learn to follow gut instincts, true instincts that are deep within telling you what to do or not to do, then you will survive in a positive way.

Instincts or Thoughts?

While our instincts are not really thoughts, they are merely a voice of reason amidst a life of chaos. It’s that little voice we hear in the back of our heads or in our dreams when our mind is most relaxed. It’s that unsettling feeling as if a ghost is present.

That feeling and voice lead us towards something that is either exciting or super scary. I think back upon my life and recall a few times when my gut instincts told me to do something and I didn’t listen.

My human being side of having to have logical and reasonable proof set in and I ultimately was led down a path of destruction instead of just listening and respecting what my gut told me.

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Decisions Based on Instincts Matter

Ever since that day, I have worked hard to make my life and business decisions based on the gut feeling because it has always been correct. With the age of my body and my life being a little stressful, that little gut instinct pops in during the highest of emotional roller coasters, leaving me wondering if it’s my emotions or an actual instinct rearing its head.

One will never know until you just listen to it, make a change to follow it, and remain confident that you will have zero regrets.

Listen to that Internal Voice

While I can’t tell you if your thoughts are instincts, if that voice you hear is anxiety being a pain or actual intuition, one thing I can tell you for sure is that your intuition is clearest when you are confident in life and business. When you have a high level of confidence that you know what’s best for you and your loved ones, intuition will come to you very clearly.

Learn to hear what your instinct is telling you, we have this little voice for a reason. The voice is louder for some than it is for others, I have always enjoyed being pretty intuitive, however, intuition gets lost in translation as time goes on and I start living for other people rather than what’s good for my soul.

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  1. This is great information to know. It’s good to understand the difference between negative and positive gut instincts. Anxiety really does thrive on fear. It’s never pleasant to have anxiety issues.

  2. I LOVE this! It can be difficult to distinguish between gut instinct and anxiety at times. Great post.

  3. I have a friend that struggles with anxiety and your blog post has been helpful to understand her a bit more.

  4. The more I listen to my body, the better I get at recognizing the differences between these feelings. Great discussion on the differences.

  5. As someone who battles anxiety, these are excellent tips. I’ve used a lot of deep breathing to help calm and gauge what is my anxiety and what is instinct. It can be really difficult to distinguish sometimes!

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