Laser Engraved Valentine’s Gifts

Hey did you know that my hubby started a business last year? It’s true! In July 2021 he decided he was done with the regular machine shop work and was going to venture out to use his laser engraver machine to start a business of his own.

There’s so much going on in the world and it’s so hard to keep up. That’s why we decided that we would try a different path. We set out together to attend craft fairs and other vendor events during later summer and early fall months in 2022 and found people loved the quality of the hardwood laser engraved signs!

That means we knew this was a business worth pursuing! To date, RCDNH has sold thousands of dollars in signs and while yes, this is hub’s business, I do handle some admin, marketing & other tasks to help him get Rustic Cabin Designs even further than its current state.

Using his machine shop skills, engineering-like skills, and all that technical machine-like stuff I have no clue about combined with my social media, writing, and other skills for the business side; Rustic Cabin Designs is going places in 2022 and we want to share our quality hardwood laser engraved signs with YOU for Valentine’s Day.

Unique Valentines Gifts For Home

Anyone who has known me a while knows that I’m not too into Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or all those “days” designated to appreciate someone(s) that you should be showing appreciation to all year round. With that being said, I am all about unique home decor gift ideas and so I decided to come up with a list of unique Valentines Gifts for home recently which I think will suit the occasion perfectly.

To add to my previous lists of home decor ideas, here are some new ideas that you can use to gift something unique to that special person who enjoys new home decor options:


They say that our homes give us shelter and comfort and how right they are. Although your partner may not show it, houseplants do wonders to our homes by purifying the air and bringing us peace of mind just by their presence.

Purchase some indoor plants that can prosper in your loved one’s home environment, along with some cute plant pots for them to sit in, and you’ll have done your part to bring the green back into the house.

Valentine Wine Bottle Stoppers

Every wine drinker knows that a bottle of vino tastes better when it’s shared with their significant other. Instead of running out to buy new wine glasses for this occasion, why not let your creativity shine through and make your own?

Purchase some wine corks, fashion them into heart shapes with your craft knife, sand down the sharp edges; spray paint them an even coat of red or pink, and glue on a little valentine message of your choosing. Instant Valentine Wine Bottle Stoppers!

Bottle Cap Magnets

We all know someone who loves to keep those beer and soda caps as souvenirs. Instead of having them stacked up on the person’s dresser, why not repurpose them as magnets?

Purchase some plain fridge magnets, spray paint the bottle caps in a matching color (or colors) and glue the magnet behind it so they can look forward to an endless supply of fun new magnet decorations.

Valentine’s Coupons

This one is for all you romantic souls out there who are looking to make your Valentine feel appreciated this February 14th. Instead of purchasing them a gift, why not make their day by giving them coupons?

Buy these premade coupons for couples today. Simple download and print them to gift to that special someone, or use to edit them to say whatever you like for that someone special this year.

Coupons For Home-cooked Meals

It’s difficult to be in a relationship and always remember what your other half likes and dislikes. So why not take this opportunity to give them something they can use to show that they care?

Some coupons for home-cooked meals, as simple as that. Hand them over on the morning of the 14th and they’ll be reminded how much love and time you put into making sure they eat well every day.

I have this ButcherBox coupon that gets you free bacon for life and $30 off your first order!

Laser Engraved Wood Sign

Last, but surely not least, in my opinion, you can gift a custom laser engraved sign. Not only do we have some amazing home decor signs, but Rustic Cabin Designs also has patriotic signs like the Pledge of Allegiance sign for your home office, and pet laser engraved signs for the pet loves out there.

But today, I’ve been told I can host a giveaway to gift just ONE of my new favorite signs – gnome with love. I adore those cute little gnomes, and I hope this love sign is something you enjoy, too!

If you happen on this post after the giveaway has ended, you can still buy your gnome love sign at Rustic Cabin Designs.

So getting a gift for your loved one this Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be expensive. With these simple yet creative ideas, we hope we’ve given you some inspiration as to why the home is the most romantic place in the world.

Enter to win THIS SIGN:

The sign measures approximately 4 inches tall by 9 inches long. Made out of maple wood, sourced from New England.

Giveaway Terms

Open to the USA only, except Alaska & Hawaii. Only age 18+ can enter. Please follow all other applicable giveaway/contest rules in your local state when entering. The retail value of this giveaway item is $19.99. The winner will be notified within 24 hours and the item will ship within 2 business days after the winner sends mailing details. If the winner does not confirm within 48 hours after the winning email is sent, a different winner will be randomly chosen using random winner generator. The giveaway ends at 11:59 pm Eastern on January 17, 2022.

Use the below form to enter, or click this link for the mobile version.

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