Let your pooch have some fun this season!

Summers are back with a bang. Do you have a pet at your home? Thinking of how to engage them is a bit of a challenging task. But don’t worry! Here is a bundle of activities that your pup will love. So what are you waiting for? Go on!

How to keep your furry-pal busy indoors this summer?

Nobody likes to get bored. The same goes for your pooch as well. Keeping them busy reduces the chances of their extreme behavior. So, are you ready to know about the activities that can keep your furry buddy engaged? Let us get started!

  • Treat Time – Who does not like to get treats? Your pup likes it too. But make it a little interesting. Entertain them with nose games. Do you know that the dog’s smelling sense is 10,000-100,000 times stronger than humans? Collect some treats. Place them around the home. Now, provide some hints to your pup to find it. Pat them if they find it.

You can make it a little challenging also. How? Grab a treat. Take 3 cups. Put the surprise under one of those cups and let your pooch watch it. Now rearrange the cups. Instruct them to find the surprise. This helps in enhancing their problem-solving skills.

  • Tug-of-war – Done with mental stimulation? Let us dive into some physical exercise also. You can play a famous game of tug of war with your little friend. Playing this will make him more obedient and develop confidence in him.
  • Make them do some chores – The cute puppies love doing simple things. Make them feel wanted by asking them easy tasks to do, such as fetching your slippers. You can also teach them to bring food items from the refrigerator. To simplify this task for them, tie a cloth around the handle. This will make it easier for them to open the door.
  • Pooch massage – A dog likes to have a relaxing massage. To do this, all you need to do is follow this thing-

Pat them gently

Massage their neck with the tips of your fingers in a circular motion.

Use the same method for the shoulders, legs, and paws.

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Want more fun? You can also do some fun activities this summer. Keep reading ahead to know a bunch of “Pawsome” activities!

  • It is time for a pool party – What more can lighten up your furry friend’s mood than being in the pool? Organize a pool party for them. To make it spicier, add little waterproof dog toys in the pool. When they can provide you with lifelong loyalty and companionship, it is your responsibility to do something for them. They will feel special with this gesture of yours. Therefore beat the heat with the pool party!
  • Summer outfits and accessories – When the sun gets scorching bright, all we want is comfortable outfits and accessories. Your pooch wants the same. And you can do that by providing them with comfy pet pajamas and cool goggles for your furbaby.
  • You can teach him some manners – Like children, you can teach good manners to your pup. Teach him some commands like “wait”, “settle”, “stay” etc. If your furry pal decides to chase anyone, these commands will help you.
  • Bring some adventure with camping – If you are a travelholic and own a pet, you can plan a camping trip. You can have an amazing camping experience by having a dog at your side. Just prepare him with some tips and research the place before you go. Get ready. Adventure is calling you with your pet.
  • Photoshoot – Ever heard about pet photography? Well, it is a popular niche that is getting praise these days. You can take your four-legged friend for a summer photoshoot also. You will see how he enjoys lying down while his shots are being captured.
  • A “Doga” session will strengthen your bond – Yoga keeps us fit mentally as well as physically. We feel calmer. You can also include pets in a stretching session with you. There are dog-friendly yoga sessions that help in strengthening your bond with your cute friend.
  • Have a cool dessert in this hot season – A cool ice-cream in the hot summers. Isn’t it the best combination? You can feed your little pup with a delicious ice-cream. A piece of advice here – Don’t give them chocolates. Frozen yogurt is suggested. There are also special ice-creams meant for dogs. You can buy it from a local pet retailer also. Hence, pamper them with mouth licking ice-creams.
  • Dog-friendly beaches – Sounds weird? But yes, dog-friendly beaches exist. Playing in the water and deriving joy under the beach umbrella are some activities that your four-legged friend loves to do. Be prepared with some toys, a bowl, and doggy bags.
  • Sing for them – You can try singing for your pet. They are living with you for a while now. They must recognize your voice. An automatic shine will come in their eyes. They will wag their tail for you. This denotes that they love your singing. Just be gentle while singing.
  • Turning off/on the lights – It’s weekend time, and you are relaxing in your bed. Getting up feels like a huge task for you. Don’t worry! You can teach your pet some simple hacks also. Teach him how to turn on or turn off the lights. You can buy a stick and teach him how to reach the buttons.
  • Walk or a hike – These cuties perfectly understand the importance of being physically fit. They demand daily walks. It leaves you with no other option but to take them to one. They are regarded as one of the best hiking companions. Before going on a hike, ensure that the hike is not much difficult for them. Also, keep them hydrated throughout the whole journey.
  • Picnic “Pawty” – Summer is in full mode now. It is a perfect season for a picnic. You can do fun with your four-legged friend in the park or your own backyard also.
  • Finally, let’s relax on the bed – Your furbaby is now tired of all these activities. Here a bit of relaxation is required. You can snuggle him up daily on the bed before bedtime. It is a stress-buster for you and your pet as well.

Wrapping up

Your pup always stays with you, in every situation. Whether you are happy or sad, they hold your hand and say that you are important. They leave pawprints on our hearts. It is high time for us to make them feel worthy. So this summer, add a little adventure to your pup’s life with these woofy activities!


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