Let’s Chat about Sustainable Energy

The other day I wrote my Flashback Friday post and discussed the heating season. I shared this on my FB wall only to hear that my mom is enjoying her sustainable energy option of solar power. Her electricity is paid for by the sunshine.

Sustainable energy is a resource that never depletes. It is a source of energy that often times is more natural and can help you experience longterm energy regardless of the other politics in the world.

Douglas Healy feels that while consumers are turning to sustainable energy, the current energy companies can handle the shift.

The Higher Rates

So people like my mom who are experiencing the amazing savings in electricity and of course this is an awesome option for anyone who owns a home, others who may rent a home or not have the investment money for sustainable energy are seeing an influx in their energy bills.

This bites the big one!

You see, with more sustainable energy options, the regular energy companies must do something to keep up. Gone are the times of older forms of electricity, but not for the average middle to low income family unit.

I love that sustainable energy is more affordable, for sure, but how can the current energy companies keep up and maintain a competitive cost, and supply for consumers who still use their energy source?

Sustainable Energy Isn’t 100% Reliable

While sustainable energy is meant to be a source that’s never depleted, we all know that the sun doesn’t shine every day. Sure we have a sunrise, but that sun can be hidden behind clouds and some times we ghit with snow or rain that reduces the sun’s ability to charge up our solar panels.

Since the weather is constantly changing, some people who rely on sustainable energy still have to use a backup source, such as the regular energy companies, for power.

In our state of New Hampshire, you can’t live completely off the grid. This means energy companies can still thrive and survive during an increase in sustainable energy uses.

Wind and Sunshine

Whether you’re on the side of more sustainable energy or not, the fact is that wind and sunshine are starting to move in on energy companies, and they must surely be nervous.

Sadly, the jacked-up energy rates for us who can barely afford our day to day life isn’t the solution. You see, as I stated, the weather is constantly changing and so that means energy companies will pretty much be guaranteed some level of the customer base.

Perhaps energy companies could take something from consumers, like my mom, who see that our sunshine can indeed save the average homeowner a lot of cash money with their energy bills.

Again, I know we can’t all afford to put in sustainable energy options, so I do think that Douglas Healy has a relevantly decent point in his topic of discussion regarding sustainable energy and our current energy companies.

I live here in New Hampshire, and since we can’t live 100% off-grid, I believe the sustainable energy options may not quite put those big wig energy companies, but perhaps the laws are different in your state?

Are you allowed to live completely off grid with sustainable energy in your state?


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