Level up Your Cup: WAHM Tips for Productivity

I am in this phase where everything is about video game mentality these days, perhaps it’s the book sitting on my home office desk that I stare at each morning or maybe it’s just my playful nature that arrives when spring is near.

Whatever the reasons, I’m excited to feel all leveled up with 1st In Coffee today! This post is for sure sponsored by the brand, but all ideas and opinions are presented from my little brain to yours.

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It’s so true! That’s why I just had to share this fabulous brand in addition to giving you some tips for leveling up your coffee and work at a home game!

Get More Productive Working From Home

There are days when the time for blogging and work has to be squeezed in between young kids snoozed, way too many things left undone at home, and other errands. But I’m sure you know all about this, so I won’t ramble on about it.

Working from home definitely comes with some blessings such as flexibility and the ability to wear comfy clothes, but it can also be tough when distractions are everywhere. I don’t want you to give up on working from home, but rather enhance the experience with some helpful tools that will help you level up your work at a home game!

1. Go Green

I know sometimes this seems impossible especially when there are a bunch of kids running around, but I really do believe that a green environment helps with the creative process. For example, you definitely need to go outside and get your body moving!

It’s not always easy when there are too many things to be done inside, but going green is good for your mind and creativity. Plus it makes sure you’ve filled up your cup!

2. Coffee Drinking Game

If the creative juices are not flowing, I suggest drinking a fresh cup of coffee from your Refurbished Jura J6 in one gulp in order to get yourself back on track. It’s amazing how much more productive you feel with a level up in refreshments!

My personal favorite is an espresso drink to get things done in a flash. But if you are having trouble with this, there’s no reason not to go for a cozy cup of Chai or hot chocolate in order to relax your mind in addition to recharging you with energy!

3. Work From the Couch

My family has always been about getting creative together when it comes to home decor, but that doesn’t mean you have to go all out or spend a fortune when it comes to creating your own desk. Take advantage of the couch which is much cozier than a desk chair.

If there are little kids around, consider working from the play area or quiet room in order not to distract them too much so you can still get your cup level up on work at a home game. And even if there are no kids around, it’s still nice to have them nearby so you can throw in some kisses when needed!

4. Make A Coffee Station

I’m the kind of person who likes fresh coffee all day long, but sometimes I forget to refill the coffee maker, while many other times I throw in too much cream and sugar which slows me down. That’s why making a coffee station that includes all your favorite drinks, tools, coffee cups, creamer, sweeteners or stirrers is always helpful when it comes to working from home!

5. Get Closer to Your Coffee Maker

If you work from home and don’t have a coffee maker, time to get one! Or keep it as an option for those times when you really need that extra lives in your cup.

Coffee makers can now be found in all kinds of brands, styles, and prices so there is definitely one out there that will match your needs and budget. From single-serve coffee makers to traditional and pod models, there’s a perfect fit for everyone!

For example, if you take your coffee seriously or want to enjoy the luxury of a cappuccino maker machine at home, consider getting one that you can program in addition to having an automatic shut-off feature… Just make sure to use it when it’s time to level up on work at a home game!

1st in Coffee Machines for Your …

6. Keep Your Desk Organized

If you are one of those people who tend to keep clutter around, be mindful that this will affect your focus and efficiency when working from home. That’s why I recommend keeping things organized by having a great desk organizer in addition to a filing cabinet if needed.

When your desk is clean and organized, you won’t have to worry about losing important papers related to projects or clients. There’s nothing worse than missing some important information when you are working on an important project so keep it safe in your office!

I personally like using wall files as well as filing folders to keep everything in order. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for, have no fear! Just do a quick search on your computer and you’ll be all set with your home game cup level up!

7. Utilize Your Cleaning Tools

I know that not everyone is into cleaning, but it’s another great way to get your level up on work at a home game. If you have kids, ask them for help or let them design their own cleaning kit that they can carry around with them for hands-on experience.

With all the time you save by staying organized and having your desk ready to go, you will be able to easily clean up around the house or outside in order to get your cup level up on work at a home game. Trust me, it will make things look much better when you are done!

8. There is No Smell Like Home

We all know that the aromas coming from our favorite candles can give us an energizing boost while working on important projects, but it’s time to get out of your desk chair and enjoy the beautiful aromas that come from your home.

One easy way to do this is by getting an air purifier so you can take advantage of the smells around you. There’s nothing like nature when working at home! You can also get a humidifier if you want to avoid dryness and keep your cup level up!

Either way, make sure to enjoy as many aromas as possible no matter where you are in the house. This will help with concentrating on those projects at hand while getting your cup level up on work at a home game.

Well now that we have gone through all the basic tips for getting your cup level up on work at a home game, what are you waiting for? Start being more productive working from home and enjoy your new coffee station with the Jura E8 White! May the level upping of your cup provide ample joy, full belly, and the energy to survive another work-at-home day!



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