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Life-Changing Springtime Resolution Ideas

Today we’ll five into springtime resolutions so that you can enjoy thinking about spring and setting new goals for this upcoming warm season!

Let’s face it; January isn’t the best time to make new year’s resolutions. It’s cold, dark and generally miserable. It can be a real challenge to summon up the motivation and enthusiasm that you need to make your resolution stick. And surely that’s one of the reasons why so few people are actually successful!

Spring seems like a much more natural time to make a resolution. The flowers are blooming, the days are longer and the prospect of summer fills us with optimism. So, why not make a springtime resolution?

It’s a time of new life so it could well be time to begin yours! If you want to have a look what may be in store for you, check out http://astrostyle.com/. If you’re struggling for inspiration for your resolution, here are a few ideas.

Get Fit

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This is the classic resolution, but spring seems like a much better time to actually follow through with it than January. The main reason is that the weather is starting to get warmer so you can actually get outside!

It’s so much more pleasant going for a run in the fresh air rather than on a treadmill in a sweaty gym packed with other people. Why not consider joining a new fitness class or taking up a new sport for an added boost of motivation?

Start Saying Yes

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People miss out on so much during their lives because they say no too often. Overcome the fear and start saying yes to social invitations. You are likely to find that a whole range of opportunities open up before you.

It could be that you learn to love a new activity that you never would have thought of trying before. It could be that you meet new friends who stay with you for the rest of your life. You can pretty much guarantee that not much of interest will happen sat in front of the TV!

Visit New Places

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You could set yourself the challenge of visiting a new place every week. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an exotic location, but even a new cafe or restaurant that has opened up in your area.

They say that variety is the spice of life. Visiting new destinations can give you a totally new perspective on the place you live. Simply the act of shaking up your regular old routine can give you a new lease of life!

Reduce Your Screen Time

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Though the advance of technology has brought us all sorts of exciting new benefits, it has also meant that we spend a huge amount of our time staring at a screen. Think about limiting the amount of time you spend watching TV and pick up a book instead.

When you leave the house, consider leaving your smartphone at home. Even just staring into space allows your mind to wander freely whereas smartphones tend to keep us from thinking too deeply about life.


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