That One Thing about Life

That one thing about life that keeps you from drowning completely in your own sorrow or pain can be friends, family and parenthood.

There are many things about life that we learn as we get older. When becoming a mother, for example, I quickly learned that life didn’t revolve around me. Each decision I made and every action I did would quickly mold who these little children were. As life goes on we make mistakes, we think that in this moment something works and makes sense. We have dreams and goals, life seems so fruitful and you feel like this one thing about life is happiness. Then you get hurt, deeply wounded, make mistakes, say things that hurt and hear things that hurt, eventually that one thing about life is pain.

That One Thing about Life

That One Thing About Life – Feeling Deep Pain

When you start to feel pain in such a deep way, it’s difficult to think clearly. Positive decision-making skills become obsolete and you live in a life where that one thing about life is sorrow. You start to feel bad for yourself; you start to feel like you aren’t good enough and you ultimately deplete your energy levels to a dangerously low place. This is where the one thing about life could be depression. The hope is that many people realize that depression is coming due to the pain from being hurt before it gets too deep, but we are not psychics. Sometimes this depression from the pain sneaks up on us when we least expected it and we have nowhere to turn.

That One Thing About Life – Family and Friends

The one thing about life is that you do have somewhere to turn. There are family and friends who will help you, there are professionals such as doctors and therapists that can bring a positive light force back into your life. While you will still feel like this one thing about life is pain and sorrow, something you can’t rise back up from, that isn’t the case at all. So as long as you seek help and find the positive circle of professionals and friends to help guide you when feeling deeply pained, you will rise above. The difficult decisions that must be made in life are a huge part of what helps you to grow as a person. No one wants to hurt and no one wants to hurt others, but it is okay to put yourself first.

That One Thing About Life – Parenthood

When you are a parent that one thing about life is parenthood. You have to make difficult decisions to try to help keep their emotional health good and their ability to enjoy childhood there. When that one thing about life becomes pain versus happiness, the parenthood side slowly goes downhill and you watch as the situation gets so bad that it’s impacting your child’s life. This is not okay. I started this article by saying when I became a mother I quickly learned that life didn’t revolve around me and I meant it. Being a mother means that no matter how much I desire something to work whether relationships or business, the main responsibility that I have is to ensure I make difficult decisions when necessary to provide the healthy, stable environment my children need for proper physical and emotional growth.

That One Thing about Life

The one thing about life is this – you will be tested and you will try your hardest to make something work, but at the end of the day, especially when children are involved, you have to remember the one thing about life is your true inner happiness and responsibility to be a positive parent so that our future generation grows stronger, not weaker.


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  1. Parenting can be scary. Just thinking of how you have someone else’s life in your hands (literally and figuratively). I believe learning as you go is the best advice when it comes to anything in life.

  2. You’re such a wonderful loving mother. Our children do come first, but self-care is equally as important. We need to maintain our own inner happiness and feeling of being grounded in order to have the energy and enthusiasm to give our children the life we’d love them to have.

  3. Life has it’s ups and downs for sure. We just have to go with the flow and live life to the fullest. I can totally relate with you when it comes to parenthood. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I didn’t realize how much of an influence my well-being (or lack of it) would play into my children’s lives. I’m making an effort to make the needed changes.

  5. Life can be hard, but I always try to stay positive. And I agree, it’s okay to put yourself first. It’s not being selfish, it’s self love which is very important.

  6. Life can be incredibly hard at times. Sometimes even great parents can’t put their kids first. When that happens, we hope the adults will get the help they need.

  7. Life can be so tough, and is always evolving too. I like that you find the positive in things. Pain and hardship do make us stronger.

  8. When I’ve felt so much pain, my family and friends are the ones who always there for me. I always think positively when I am struggling. I love the words you have shared here.

  9. Such a great post! Aftet I became a mother my thinking changed too, now my boys always come first.

  10. I think that everyone knows what a depression means and I hope that everyone will find his/her own way to get out of it with the help with their family, friends or professional help. The life is so beautiful!

  11. A lot of truth here! As a parent, I totally agree that, once you become one, that absolutely becomes the most important thing in life. Nothing else even comes close!

  12. I have had to lean on my family over the years for sure. I went through about 7 years of single parenting and a nasty divorce. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

  13. Life is definitely hard sometimes. But it’s so important to lean on your family and friends.

  14. As adults, we realize that our parents are human too. It could not have been easy but they did their best. So now as parents, our best is all we can hope to do too.

  15. Long as you know that there is help available. Can always start with fami and friends. Sometimes it takes professional help

  16. Oh yeah, life can get difficult. I try to always stay positive and think about what I DO have when times are tough.

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