Living Life Every Day

Many humans need to lose someone or something in their lives to feel that true grief of what it’s like to realize life is so short. At the same time, no one human knows for sure what’s on the other side, after our body is lifeless, we all know that there comes a time when our body does become lifeless.

I look at life through the lens that today is all I have and that I will be grateful for this moment, and each minute I have – I will attempt to make sure all I do and say aligns with “the last moment of my life”.

Some call this, live like you’re dying. But most need that “dying” risk to occur first. A health condition scare, a doctor telling you that you have X number of days to live (do not get me started on how wrong this concept is to me), or whatever other life scenario most humans need/experience in order to live like they’re dying. You know what I am talking about.

To me, this is what the normal is in America anyway. It seems we must experience something that awakens us to the reality of immortality. We know that death comes, but we live as if it’s not a reality in every choice we make.

I choose to be the less common soul, in that I know my time is limited in this body. I believe there’s something beyond today and while I have my soulful beliefs, that’s not what I am writing about today.

I want to take a moment to remind you that living every day as if it is your last, is an important way to live. The thing is, you should also live as if there is a tomorrow.

Tricky, right?

For some, living as if today is your last, as a concept saddens you. For others, like me, it enlightens me. It makes me feel wide awake, alive, and aware of everything around me. The sound of the birds, the creaking of the steps around me, or whatever else like the body language and facial expressions of those around me makes me feel awake & ready to live life fully. I am living in a state of awareness of the world around me and it’s so beautiful.

As you take in each day to the fullest, and listen to the world around you. Soak in the sunshine, falling leaves, snow, or whatever weather pattern is around you right now, take a moment to remember that your life is valuable.

That you bring something unique to this world. While I firmly believe that each of us has a purpose, I know that only a handful of us will actually live on purpose in our light. That is just merely how it is these days. It could be different, but I am not sure that it’s meant to be different.

If we all lived in our true light and purpose at all times, then who would be left to inspire and motivate us to do better? Even those shining stars out there need a little guidance, inspiration, and motivation from time to time.

I am not quite sure what I am trying to say, other than I value each moment I have in this body. I just have this feeling inside that tells me what’s real and what’s not. I can’t cite references or logical data points for those who need them, so I don’t spend my days convincing others to “live like me”, rather I share my life and hopefully those who are meant to hear this message and have it resonate, do here it and it does resonate.

For those my message isn’t meant for, there is another human out there with a different message and purpose that aligns more closely with you. And that’s awesome! All I ask is that you pause a minute, figure out what compels you to LIVE, truly LIVE like you’re a soul-FULL human being, ready to experience all that you can in this life …. and follow that person, listen to what they have to say, and implement whatever they try to share so that you can live in a way that resonates with your soul & how you’re wired.

I wish that you live joy-fully and learn what it is like to live each day so full of inner peace & joy that not a single other human being couldn’t ruin it. For you should know in your heart of hearts, that any person trying to come ‘at you’ with hurtful or harmful things has more to say about where their soul is at in this moment of life than it has to do with your soul moment in this life.


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