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Long-Lasting Kid Boredom Busters

Struggling to keep your kids occupied at home? There are plenty of ways to help curb boredom and make your life easier. But, most solutions you may find to get rid of kid boredom don’t seem to last long. Here are some great boredom busters for kids that are actually long-lasting.

Today I’m diving into the topic of boredom busters to keep your kids active, happy, and healthy. I do know that there’s one fun product that can help keep your kids active indoors or outdoors. Finger Rocketz are a fabulous and inexpensive option to add to your home for hours of fun, learn more below.

Long-Lasting Kid Boredom Busters


Creativity is so important to child development, and can last forever with the right materials and motivation. This can be photography, crafts, art, music, writing, and so much more. Find something your kid likes and expand from there! Letting them express themselves and be creative can be super fun.


If you don’t want to spend money, don’t worry! Kids, especially younger ones, can be occupied so easily. Just some pillows and blankets or cushions can make an entire day of play. Maybe help them make a pillow fort, or let them play pretend wrestling or have pillow fights.


Don’t underestimate the power of being outside. If you have yard space, let your kids go outside and play in the backyard. If not, maybe take some time to go on a walk or hike to explore and have fun outside. Or in this warm weather you could go swimming at a pool or beach (if possible).

Time Together

Sometimes, if your child is acting out or complaining of boredom it’s because they want to spend time with you. Take some time to have fun together and play games, talk, or just spend time with your kids. It can be so beneficial for everyone involved and there are so many ways to bond and be together.

Let Them Be Rough

If your kids like to play fight or wrestle, let them! It may be nerve-wracking for new parents or if it’s ended badly before, but positive forms of physical interaction like this help kids learn social skills and empathy. Roughhousing is really fun for some children, and if you have problems you can use it to teach them how to play gentler.


There are so many board games or games out there that can keep your kids busy. For example, Finger Rocketz is a game you can set up indoors or outdoors where your kid has to use their fingers to slingshot a foam ball and knock down cups. It’s reminiscent of carnival games and could be expanded on or played for hours.


About Finger Rocketz

Finger Rocketz the newest game from Creative Brainworks, the makers of Bean Bag Bucketz. This is a classical game with a unique twist. Finger Rocketz will bring hours of fun anywhere you are ready to try your luck at knocking down the cans. This portable game of fun can be played indoors or outdoors.

How to play simply set up the cans into a pyramid. Place the Finger Rocketz tabs on your index and middle finger. Place a foam ball in the Rocket – Pocket, point your hand toward the cans, separate your fingers while pulling back the Rocket – Pocket and release launching the foam ball toward to target.

Awesome fun that will be repeated many times. The fun is contagious everyone will want to try this non-stop action fun launching game. Kids, teens, and adults will want a chance to try their skill. Rated for kids ages 8+ for hours of fun inside and out.

I hope at least something on this list will fit your child’s interests well and keep them occupied for a bit. It’s really hard to get away from children feeling bored when they’re stuck at home, so it may take some trial and error with new ideas. Wishing you the best of luck and less boredom to come.


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