How Love Changes Over Time In Your Relationship

Just like the seasons of the year, relationships changes as well. If you find that your relationship has changed over a time frame, don’t worry it is normal. Most couples start out with that strong chemistry and the need to be with each other all the time, and then over time it settles into a deeper emotional relationship.

You might find that overtime you can begin to feel less connected with your partner, or feel you are more distant. I will share how love changes over time in your relationship, and you have a chance to help it grow, or maybe decide it is time to end your relationship.

Let's discuss how love changes over time. Relationships grow, two people connect deeper than physical attraction - the normal stages of love.

Instant Connection And Chemistry

When you first start a romantic relationship, it is driven by that instant connection you might feel and the strong chemistry. It creates that strong physical attraction, that makes you want to spend all your time with your partner. Some people say they get a “high” off of spending time with their partner because it makes them feel so good inside.

Settle In A Bit

After a short while, you begin to settle into the relationship. You might begin to argue or fight as you get more comfortable around your partner. You see them for who they are and have the opportunity to build an emotional relationship. This is the part in the relationship where you really begin to see if you are good for each other after the puppy love stage begins to wear off.

Mature Relationship

This last stage you see if you both are committed to the relationship. You might begin to talk about marriage, children, and a life together. You know the good and the bad traits of your partner, and you accept them for who they are. You have learned to work through your fights in a positive way and you can see your relationship growing. Now in this stage, you might find it not to be as hot and heavy as it was in the beginning stages. That is because you grow to a deeper level and really can connect with your partner. This is a good thing, it isn’t meant to be bad. It shows you are more than just attached to the looks of your partner but you have that mental connection from deep talks, spending a lot of time together, and all other areas of a relationship.

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As you can see there are different stages of a relationship, it is fully natural to grow as time passes. Sometimes couples go through slumps where they feel less connected. When you get in that stage, voice your feelings to your significant other, and make plans to spend quality time together to help ignite that flame again. It takes two to make a relationship work. You never stop working to make a relationship as good as it can be. Love, respect, listen and encourage your partner in all areas of your relationship.


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