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Your First Love

Your first love is the most romantic, exciting, and scary time of your life. True love can happen at any age, people usually have their first boyfriend or girlfriend at around 14 to 15. It’s the time when you’ll be given the cute cliche teddy bear and card for valentine’s day. The time when your parents will drive you both to the cinema just so you can have a date. The time when arguments can seem like the worse thing in the world. But your first love is someone you’ll remember forever.  Some of you will be lucky enough to marry your childhood sweetheart. Here are some of the memories you’ll go through if you’re strong enough to last forever.


Meeting The Parents 

This is possibly the most scariest one. The nerves that will fill you both beforehand will be tremendous. The worry of making a good impression will take over. You’ll have rehearsed what you’re going to say multiple times, but will probably still stutter on the first hello. You’ll be asked multiple scary questions before running upstairs with your partner to escape. But from that first meeting on, you’ll begin to build a bond, and possibly even have a second little family. Countless family events will come that’ll seem like a breeze compared to that first intimidating meet.

First Holiday 

This is the best part. Booking a holiday together is just so much fun. You’ll have the excitement of deciding where to go. Whether it be a summer hot holiday, or a city break to do some exploring. It’ll most likely be your first time of stopping together on your own for a long period of time. It’s most likely going to be a test of your relationship to see how you get on. But it’ll also be the time you make some of the most amazing memories that you’ll never forget. It’ll be a romantic time that will bring you both closer together.


A truly magical time for the both of you. Your parent would have had to ask you father for your hand in marriage. Looked at things such as tacori engagement rings. Planned out the whole evening of where it’ll happen, what they’ll say etc. It’ll be the most nerve wracking time for them, but the most exciting for you. You’ll be on cloud nine for weeks, and probably ringing round everyone you know as soon as it’s happened. This is one of the days where you’ll feel most loved.

Moving Out

Your first home together is the cutest time. You’ll be stressed out to begin with, but once you’re all in and settled it’ll be the best time ever. Finally you’ll have your own space, and a place to call home. You’ll have to fun of decorating for the first time. Shopping for everything you need, and you’ll finally get the chance to be with each other every night. There’ll be a lot of arguments mixed with a lot of happiness, but moving out is truly an amazing time.


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