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Make your baby birth announcement unforgettable

Congratulations on having a little fairy. When this little rose bloomed in the garden of your house, definitely you felt glad.

When you first heard her crying, your whole world changed into paradise. You had given irreplaceable happiness to her grandparents as its a girl baby announcement.  It is an unforgettable memory when you first heard the crying of your princess. Girls have such a loving attitude by nature, she will love you more.

Let us give some amazing ideas for the baby announcements of your girl that makes your girl’s birth announcement unforgettable.

Announcement on social media

Announce the birth of your baby on your Instagram and Facebook accounts. Take some good photos of your baby for revealing the news of her birth.

Flower wreath

Make a flower wreath and place your baby inside of it. Take some cute snaps. Post her photo and in the caption write down the news of her arrival and best wishes.

Chalkboard announcement

Take a chalkboard and place your baby in the center of it. Write down her name, birthday, date, year, and timings on the board with the help of chalk. And take some good snaps and post them for your followers, and friends.

Cross stitch announcement. 

Write down all the details of the baby, her name, birth date, day, month, year, and timings with a cross-stitch design and post it for your loved ones.

Prop announcement. 

Take some visuals from the house and make the Prop. Place your baby inside of that Prop. Capture fun moments of her and post them.


Bookworm photo

Grab some books from the house, lay her down on them, and take photos.

Teddy photo 

Take some cute teddies and surround your baby with them. Take photos in a good light.

Newspaper snap

Take a local newspaper and lay down your little girl on it. Take that photo and post it for breaking the headline of her arrival.

Photo frames

Take some good shots and place her photos in the frames. Write down greetings on the frames.

How to plan a birth announcement? 

Take a warm cup of coffee, sit with your hubby, and tell him to give you some ideas, then share your ideas with him. Make a plan by knowing the likes and dislikes of your hubby. You can take the help of event planners. You can also get ideas from your loved ones.

Birth announcement boxes

You can buy announcement boxes online or you can make one with the help of your creative mind.

  • Take one empty box and cover it with shiny wrap paper, ribbons, and pearls.
  • Make birth announcement cards having photos of your child and place them inside the boxes
  •   Fill these boxes with chocolates, candies, and lollipops.


You are happy to have your little Lilly. May you and your daughter stay blessed.

Make her a powerful girl with good character. Take care of her and show your motherhood. Give your unconditional love to her. Say warm welcome to her and give place in your heart.



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