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Making a Backyard Pull-Up Bar with The Home Depot

I’m not sure if you’ve ever been inside of The Home Depot before, but man it’s a beautiful space that has something for everyone. I used to think this shopping place was for the handyman or the DIY’er so they could gather up the supplies for home improvements or goodies, but then my firstborn was attending their monthly workshops for kids with their Dad all those years ago (the “kid” is 21 now). 😲

That’s when I realized … wait? The Home Depot is more than just a home improvement shop. You can buy so many home decor pieces, plants, vegetables, building supplies, and more! The list of what you can find inside the walls of your local Home Depot is endless (well, you can’t go grocery or clothes shopping here).

Back to the main point of this post —> for those who didn’t know my youngest son is all about boxing, I’ve shared a bit of the journey over on my Instagram account. He paused for a bit to handle some things and we, as a family, have had a lot going on.

Like having to leave the place we had lived in for 4+ years or so and then not having a space to go, so we lived in our motorhome with a tent for the youngest teen, rented a cottage by the lake for a little bit, and slept in our vehicles for a night. Gosh, that reminded us of those couple of weeks we slept in our vehicles in the Walmart parking lot in 2019 during our 5.5-month homeless season. 😯

Needless to say, the kid has his own stuff going on and we had stuff going on as a family, so now that we are a bit settled into a new place and winter is slowly dissipating (ish), he wanted a pull-up bar for his next goals. The pull-up bar inside you can find online won’t work here & is rather outside of the budget at the moment, but an outside pull-up bar?

Perfect! It’s budget-friendly (we had most of the items here from Home Depot previously), too!

But honestly? This is much cheaper than the pull up bars you’ll find (good quality ones) online.

Ok, but what do you need for a homemade Pul-up Bar?

This is where safety comes into play, friends! I didn’t take part in the creation of this for I wouldn’t have a clue, but that man shown above does! Being that we are the parents of this teen, well I can trust that this man puts our kids’ safety at a first level so I don’t mind letting go, stepping back, and not micro-managing the situation.

Micro-managing just destroys connections …. more on that another day.

What did we need for this? Well, it looks like they needed some things from The Home Depot:

  • I guess it’s called lag bolts and other such similar tools.
  • Next, they needed a good size pipe, I think they said about 1/4 inch pipe.
  • Then we needed to grab some grip tape, because no one is using their hands directly on that pipe.
  • Then we had to get a little piece of a 2×4 wood and cut that down to create “slots” where the pipe goes in.
  • Then you need a ladder, if you don’t have one, the perfect options are at The Home Depot for you.
  • Lastly, he needed to do some final touches to make sure the pipe was in place, the grippy tab was on the bar safely, and that our son would be fun practicing his pull-ups in this location outside.
  • Then they were done!

The YouTube Video Inspiration for this Project

So, as you can see, The Home Depot is the perfect place to get some supplies for your next Father & Son project, or perhaps some home decor options, like the ones I found (and must get) while perusing The Home Depot website.

My Fave Home Decor Finds at The Home Depot

I live in a small space, so I am not sure I can have any of these at this home, but maybe in the future if we opt to get larger motorhome or add a home on a nice parcel of land 😎

5-Tier Industrial Duty Steel Freestanding Garage Storage Shelving

Black Metal Bar Cart with Natural Wood Shelves

Waybury 31 in. Warm Chestnut Brown Wood 2-Shelf Bookcase with Open Back

Brown Recliner Chair Massage Rocker with Heated Swivel Lazy Boy Recliner


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