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Music as a Transition for Work at Home Mom

One of the best ways I’ve been able to keep myself calm while raising three children, two of which are only 2 years apart, was to use music as a transition. Yes, that’s right. During each phase of the day – be it the ride home from dropping kids to school (back when they were public school kids) to the transitional stage between work at home to pick the kids up from school, and any other time during the day I needed to switch gears I would listen to music.

Fast forward to today and now I don’t leave home as often, but I still need to have a way to transition from work at home freelance writing biz, to Mama of teenagers, to homeschool educator, to Mama to spouse and music is my trick for this.

Benefits of Using Music to Remain Calmer in Life

Music is a universal language that can be understood by all.

It offers an escape from the stresses of life, and allows you to relax your mind, body, and soul.

Music offers a beautiful visual world that helps to open your imagination and can be very therapeutic.

It enhances creativity, relieves depression and anxiety, and is a great way to bond with family and friends.

It offers powerful vibrations to help heal the mind, body, and soul.

Getting Started with Using Music as a Transition

If you’re ready to start using music as a transition in your chaotic daily life, then continue reading below for some tips that will help you use music to remain calmer amidst the chaos that the unpredictable life can bring.

Start Small

Don’t try to do it all at once. Work up to playing music for 30 minutes or more. One of the easiest ways to get started is by searching for playlists on YouTube that can be listened to on a timer. This way, you can set it and not have to think about starting or stopping the music when needed.

Pick Two Genres of Music that Work for You

Some people prefer to use meditation music when transitioning from busy mom to work at home, while others prefer to use a more upbeat dancing type of music. The genre of music will be different for each person but do choose at least two different genres so that your mind gets accustomed to which genre means which transition.

It also depends on your work at home day and the tasks that need to be accomplished while you’re working. Sometimes, we don’t even get a mid-day break and may only do work in the early morning and late at night, so you’ll need music that will help keep you awake and energized. Using music with a dance beat is good for this type of work day.

However, if you’re working at home and taking a mid-day break from your computer, then it’s best to use meditation or soothing instrumental music that will help calm the mind and body down while going into a more relaxed state of being during this transitional time between being a mom and doing work at home.

So, What Genres?

Well, there’s really no right or wrong answer to this question of what genres to use. It can be anything from classical to country western music or even a more laid back lounge style of jazz. This will be different for everyone so it simply comes down to what you personally enjoy listening to.

How to Use Music to Transition

If you’re just starting out with using music as a transition, then begin by working up to playing it for 10 minutes or more. You can start with 5 minutes and work your way up from there. While those first few days of using music as a transition may be slow going because it’s new to the routine, over time you’ll get more and more used to it and will be able to start and stop the music whenever you want.

As your kids get older and start school for the day, make sure that they know that you’re transitioning into work at home mode during this time of them eating breakfast or getting ready for the day.

If your kids are younger, then simply let them know when the music comes on in the morning that it’s time for school or playtime and set a limit on how long it will be on, usually around 10 minutes. Then turn it off and do what you need to do before coming back to join them.

This may take some time getting used to at first, but soon enough your kids will know that when the music comes on in the morning, it’s time for them to go play or get ready for school. Just be consistent and don’t give in when they complain that you’re playing too much music because it can become a battle if you do this.

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Create Timers to Set the Mood

You can use timers to set the mood with whatever genre of music is being played. You can also have a timer programmed on your devices so that you don’t have to worry about what time the music is scheduled to come on.

For example, if you use meditation or soothing instrumental music in the morning when your kids are getting ready for school or eating breakfast, set a timer to play it for 15 minutes and then use another timer for 10 minutes so that it will shut itself off.

Then, you can set another timer to play dance or upbeat music (or whatever genre it may be) for 15 minutes. After these two 30 minute timers are complete, then your kids will know that it’s time for them to go and it’s time for you to get busy doing work at home stuff.

You can also start your timers before you make it up to your workspace. You can start the timer for soothing instrumentals as soon as you walk upstairs and turn on the first step of stairs leading to your work at home area. Then, set another one for dance type music that will begin playing once you’re firmly inside your workspace. Once this timer ends, then it’s time to begin work.

Using The Newport Plug-in Bluetooth Speaker

I’ve been using the Newport Plug-in Bluetooth Speaker for my transition now that I rarely leave the house during the daytime hours. The kids transitioned to homeschooling about three years ago, with one already graduating in 2020.

This means that needed some sort of Bluetooth speaker that could be used in the kitchen as a music therapy speaker. This Bluetooth speaker is amazing! I mean it!

All you do is plug it into your wall and connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and the music is far louder with an amazing beat, and no static! I love using it to blast music while I cook, wash dishes, and transition out of the work at home freelance writer mode into spouse and Mama mode.

If you’re interested in a Bluetooth speaker that doesn’t take up space and is easy to use, then click here to learn more about the Newport Plug-in Blueooth Speaker. I was gifted this item, but continue to use it even months after it was sent! I promise you that it will be the perfect Christmas gift idea for anyone who loves music, too!

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