Must-Follow Maintenance Tips to Make your Car Last a Little Longer

Do you want to make your car look brand new like it just came from the dealer’s outlet? Well, that’s an excellent thought but can only hold good when you’re maintaining your car to increase its life. And, why not? It is always just and wise to follow a schedule for your vehicle to enable its top-notch maintenance.

Automobile experts recommend undertaking a weekly inspection of your car. After all, a little time from your tedious routine will save you thousands of dollars. You’ll see that some areas need immediate attention, while others may seem just too delicate to address right away.

Kickstart the journey with some preventive measures. And, the best part is- you can do most of the maintenance part on your own. Just follow the owner’s manual regularly and see your vehicle last a little longer than your expectations.

It’ll come as a surprise to you, but many car problems arise due to loose fittings and clogged air filters. This air filter prevents particles and dust from entering the engine. Even during combustion, the machine is in dire need of air, and a clogged filter may affect performance. Thereby, ensure changing your filters every 12 months or after driving for 12,000 miles, whichever is earlier.

Never turn a blind eye to this maintenance as it could lead to problems in your car engine. What’s even better in this condition is that you can have your filter replaced at your mechanic or your garage in as little as 10 minutes. By doing it yourself, you can save not only your trip to the garage but also your hard-earned money.

Quite impressed by the DIYs? Well, how about reading some other tips and tricks so that you know what to expect during your next car maintenance session:

  • Check your Car Tyres:

Paying attention to your car tyres is super easy and can save you from a lot of trouble. Search for the recommended car tyre pressure on the front and back tyres or the driver’s door sticker.

Note that the tyre pressure for your car is going to be different when it’s loaded. It is because it’s bearing more weight.

You can also check the tyres using a tyre pressure sensor. These usually come with foot pumps to top up the pressure when it’s a bit low.

  • Change the Engine Oil:

It is essential to routinely check and change your engine oil to keep a top-notch engine. Ensure checking your oil every month and change it as written in the owner’s manual.

You can either change your oil on your own or take the car to the service centre. If you’re planning to do the process independently, ensure learning essential steps to drain the fluid. Now set the correct oil level and then dispose of the old oil.

Research on the internet or ask people as to which oil is suitable for which type of motor. Know that this decision is independent of whether you think of changing the oil on your own or taking it to the service centre. Just consider three things- the oil viscosity, synthetic or non-synthetic oil, and the mileage.

  • Inspect your Brakes:

Have you seen a movie where someone cannot stop their car because of a cut in the brake line? Now that you’re wondering about the possible reasons for chunking sound during your brakes. Or, do you notice loose steering?

The chances are excellent to witness a problem with your radius rods, brake pads, or maybe your brake fluid. Well, if that’s a problem, then ensure to check your brakes or change the radius rods for a sigh of relief. Also, ensure having cv boots so that there’s no room for dust, dirt, and water in your vehicle.

These petty considerations help your vehicle go a long way, folks- the automobile experts exclaim.

If you’re checking your brakes yourself, ensure inspecting the brake fluid reservoir or brake pads. Just remove the tires and get under the car to suspect a brake fluid leak.

  • Maintain your Battery:

Have you not used your car in a while? Most drivers aren’t aware that leaving their vehicle on the drive may adversely affect the battery or even cause it to go flat. However, there are ways of combating this.

To maintain your battery, ensure

  1. Taking the car for a regular drive at the most reasonable speed.
  2. Invest in a booster pack or jump leads to see if your battery goes flat and is there a need for a jump start.
  3. Buy a trickle charger so that you can top up your car battery if there’s a need for the same.
  • Employ your Aircon:

Did you know that leaving your Aircon for extended periods can lead to leakages, and it may become faulty? You may want to save your fuel by rolling the windows, and that’s the reason you don’t switch on the aircon.

Thereby, the experts recommend using the aircon regularly, even occasionally in the winter. By doing so, you’ll be able to stop the cooling system components in the car from wasting away.

  • Scrutinize and Replace the Serpentine Belts:

It is always good to inspect your serpentine belts and check for wear and tear. But, the failure of these belts eventually causes damage to the engine parts. Yes, you heard that right! A small-priced item may leave a huge bill in your hands.

Getting regular maintenance helps you in knowing an apt time for replacing the belt. Get those belts checked every 60,000 miles. Or, read through the owner’s manual for getting the best information about your car. Nevertheless, the best part is you can replace the belt using a few tools.

And, that’s a Wrap Up:

It is always a good idea to go in for car maintenance as it saves your time, wallet, and peace of mind. The process may bother you at times, but the effort is certainly worth all the time and effort.

You may wish to experience the pride of ownership. But, for that, regular maintenance must be on your list always. Or, even better, you can do it yourself. Chances are good for you to do a better job than some professionals because you’re in no rush and can choose inspections and repairs of your own choice.

Just take one step at a time to improve the condition of your vehicle.


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