Many people have switched to remote working and need to find a way to do video conferencing. I’ll admit I’ve seen more people using Zoom than any other video conferencing software, but Google Meet is by far one of the top alternatives to Zoom.

If you’re in a position where you must work remotely, then you’ll need to have the best tech for video conferencing. Below you’ll find a list of the must-have tech for Google Meet, a Zoom alternative video conferencing.

Must-Have Tech for Google Meet, a Zoom Alternative

Camera Option 1 – Huddly IQ Room Kit

Camera Option 2 – Logitech Conference Cam

Headset Option 1 – Jabra Evolve 65T True Wireless Professional UC Headset

Headset Option 2 – Logitech Zone Wireless Bluetooth Headset

I’ll be honest, a lot of the options that you can use for Google Meet, a Zoom alternative, may be sold out since Amazon is only selling what’s already in the warehouse. I highly suggest you make do with what you have if you can’t order any of the must-have tech for Google Meet listed above.

Some have been able to do video conferencing from their smartphone, while it’s not high tech, it can be doable during these difficult times. The key is to have a way to communicate with your employer, friends, and others during our social distancing days so that you can remain productive, connected, and engaged with work and personal life.

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