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My Thoughts Inspired by Vertigo

As I sit here eating my eggs and typing one-handed. Kidding! I am indeed trying to force a couple of fried eggs down in between typing but alas, it’s two-handed typing and occasional pauses to eat.

I had vertigo for two days, this past Friday and Saturday had me in bed for TWO whole days. I will be honest, I started sinking pretty low. I am not sure if we could say depression, but it was that sad low feeling.

Mostly, all I could do was lay there and drift in between sleep and awake status. I was able to eat a little and did my best to have the fam bring me food or water to try to get my hydration levels back to normal.

For a woman, like me, who isn’t used to DOING NOTHING, it broke me for a minute. On that third day? I wanted to stay in bed. I was not as dizzy as I had been the previous two days but I had become accustomed to laying in bed, doing nothing.

I had a moment to reflect on this and realized how easy it is for someone to slink into a state of depression. I am pretty motivated, or slightly disciplined in most instances, but I could have easily laid there for that third day and maybe beyond.

The thing is? I felt that calling that this is not who I wish to become and that on day three when I didn’t feel as dizzy I had a choice to make:

  • Would I lay in bed and succumb to this sadness and feeling helpless?
  • Would I put the futon up into the couch position and make myself SIT UP at least for the third day?

I chose the bottom of the two choices that I saw fit for my scenario that day. Day three was the day I made a choice to put my futon bed into a couch position so that it wasn’t as ‘convenient’ for me to lie down.

Sure, I could still lay down on the futon couch, but it wouldn’t be as roomy or comfortable with two dogs that always have to lay with me as it would be laid out into a bed format. This means I made a choice to get back to livin’. 😉

I am not going to say that day three was “easy”. Believe me, I am on day 4 of still trying to get some fluid out of my ear, but I am much better than I was on day 1 of this vertigo stint. I will get the fluid out, and get back to balance and chipper me in no time – as that’s what I always do.

So far, 100% of the time I come back swinging from various scenarios that try to “break me” so I know the cards are in my favor here.

What did vertigo teach me about humans?

Vertigo taught me that it’s very easy to slink down into a depressed state. It’s easy to lay there and just cry in pain or sorrow or self-pity as you wince away the dizziest best possible.

It’s easy to feel like the world is going to end and that you simply are not good enough because you cannot stand, walk, or function normally.

It’s easy to have all of these things spiral out of control in just two short days!

After realizing how easy it is to just let auto-pilot kick on and move you downward into this spiral of sadness and then possibly some form of acceptance, I realized that’s quite possibly how so many humans today have become less than what they used to be as far as mindset, productivity, activity, and so forth.

They were given a diagnosis. They were told their limits. They got sad. They got angry. They let those emotions stay. They accepted the limits placed ON THEM by SOMEONE ELSE. And then, here they are helping others LIVE in this state of mind, rather than teaching them to cope while pushing beyond what OTHERS SAY to be the truth.

I think in the moment it’s easier to succumb to what others tell you. You are just so tired, and you get the diagnosis and most human beings will just research that and then say “That’s my truth now” and accept the limitations.

While I can see how that can happen, again, it’s hard for my personality to relate to.

This doesn’t make either option “right” or “wrong”, it’s just different.

If I had a penny for every time “someone” told me what limits I or my kids had, I would be rich off those pennies. Why? Because I didn’t accept it. I listened. I took it under advisory. I accepted their stance on the subject.

But I never ever ever accepted that stance as MY TRUTH. And I kept going. I put that futon couch into a sitting position and I FORCED MYSELF TO GET THE HECK UP and move forward.

It isn’t easy.

I won’t say it is.

I won’t pretend to know what you’re dealing with.

I only dealt with vertigo for a few days (at varying times in my life), but I can say it showed me just how easy it is to take the best of us down into this auto-pilot lifestyle that creates a new version of our self that we didn’t know existed.

All I wanted to say is that I can understand and have empathy for how you can slink backward into this pain or uncomfortablelness of life situations, and how that can impact your entire life from today forward.

And that, while I always choose my option for the choices placed before me, you also make a choice in those options, and for that? I won’t ever judge you. For I am a mere human without the full power to place judgment on any other soul, ever.

What could you do instead?

If you’re the personality type that just embraces the diagnosis, accepts that this reality is the truth, and believes whatever is said will be your limits from today forward but do not want to live that way any longer; then here are some things you can do to try to ease out of that mindset and slowly start to feel more confident about finding your “truth” …

  • Ask yourself if you want to be this way forever.
  • Ask what you can do today to make one small change towards who you do want to be. (hint, the part of the story where I put the futon into a couch position, was my SMALL action step to force myself out of that sad downward spiral)
  • Go easy on yourself. You cannot expect the world on day one. Don’t compare your step 1 with someone else’s step 10.
  • Consider using my book, Habits = Life, to guide you along, or subscribe to my blog here (Form below) so that you can follow along as I continue sharing new ways to FEEL better, LIVE BETTER, and perhaps BE BETTER.

I do hope that my thoughts today help open your mind and heart up to looking at your circumstances a bit differently and perhaps make one tiny change that inspires you to pull yourself out of that depressive state and move forward just today with a more positive outlook for your future and what you can truly do.

Love to all.



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