My Whole30 Journey Week 2 Highlights

Hey friends! So guess what week it is? It’s the end of Week 2 of this Whole30 Food Reset Journey. Can I get a hip hip hooray?! 😁

But before we venture our pretty little heads into the next week, I just had to pause and give you a sweet update about how week 2 on Whole30 went. And thankfully this time around? I have some affiliate deals & a new ‘dessert’ idea to share with you all.

During my research on what meat packages I could get that were Whole30-friendly, I found this farm. Shop Pederson’s Natural Farms! I am excited to say that they have their own unique no-sugar added meat package for Whole30 participants.

Shop now! Whole30 or not, that’s good meat.

I don’t have the budget to buy their meat package this month, but rest assured we are planning to get all we can without sugar added for the upcoming months when our Whole30 Challenge is done.

For example, we love this sugar-free ketchup so much that we’re keeping it on our grocery list.

Even my youngest son who *was* a super picky eater is enjoying that ketchup! The brand did well having good ingredients without added sugar while making sure it still resembles a similar taste to ketchup.

My Fam’s Takeaways from Week 2 on Whole30

It’s been so interesting to learn how this diet change has impacted each of the 3 family members who are doing it. The Dad in the fam, for example, said when he looks at prints at work he is realizing that he is quick to know exactly how to run the machinery to get the job done.

He didn’t even realize he was having this ‘brain fog’ so to speak beforehand, we assume from the added sugars. I’d say that’s pretty freaking cool! I love hearing that this Whole30 reset has started getting his body and mind back on track, it makes my heart happy for him.

For me? I knew I was having some brain fog with my writing. 😭 I was legit starting to think that maybe writing for clients or websites wasn’t my thing anymore. Maybe I’d have to accept that it was time to find something new, and honestly? That made me pretty lost feeling. 😎

Between that feeling and the kids getting older, and doing their own thing? I was nearing my lose-it-in-tears mode … (which did happen with that flat tire yesterday, but that’s a different story for another day)

So, when I ended week 1 of Whole30 with less brain fog and more energy like I used to have?

Boy was I glad that all I had was an issue with something in my diet before that was stirring up some brain fog. I don’t know if it was added sugars, or something else, but I will slowly reintroduce things to see if that brain fog returns and then say bye-bye to anything that doesn’t keep my creative juices flowing as they should.

Our youngest teen doesn’t feel much different, but to be honest, the kid lives on broccoli, farm-fresh cooked chicken breast (with this Whole30 breading), eggs, homefries (sweet & regular potatoes blend I make), and Larabars.

The kid has been mostly eating clean since he started his competitive boxing stuff and weight loss muscle-building journey. So Whole30 was not as significant of a change for him as it was for his Dad, but he is pretty happy to start learning more about all the dumb American foods that have unnecessary added sugar in them & commits to keeping some of the sugar-free stuff in his diet after the month.

Weird time for Whole30

I planned this Whole30 at a weird time though, because at the end of our Whole30 challenge, my son will be at a weight goal and that weight goal meant a trip to the Chinese Buffet. So basically, after feeling light for the entire month and feeling less brain fog we get to go to the Chinese Buffet with him and hope that we all mostly behave in our choices there. 😜

Did I mention I enjoy a good challenge?! 🤣

Some Foods and Thoughts Overall on Whole30 Week 2 …

I created an Instagram account where I share some of my food habits and will continue to use it for that reason. Click to follow my food account.

Gas on Whole30

I noticed that I have gas on Whole30 and apparently, that is common for some people. Some say it’s something about yeast that built up after all that added sugar and is now dying off. Others say it’s because you have IBS-like symptoms going on and the eating FODMAP foods that cause gas and bloating.

I am not sure of the reasons, but I am wondering if it has to do with eggs. My system doesn’t respond well to eggs sometimes. To be honest, I could have a brand of farm-fresh eggs, store-brand eggs, whatever it is and they are fine for a few days, and then not. I really should remove eggs from my diet, but for now, I am reducing them and testing this theory out. 🤷‍♀️

I plan to eat 2 eggs maximum in a day for the most part and we will see how this goes.

Energy Levels Improved

I’m already a pretty energetic person but I will say being on Whole30 has started to help me regain that child-like energy I usually have. It’s been a beautiful experience. I cannot believe how much of my food was still not so good for me!

I switched to clean eating ages ago, as the Whole30 jump was taken over 4 years. We didn’t just wake up one day and DO IT. So I am shocked to realize I still had some crap in my diet that was offputting for my soul and livelihood 💩

Even my hubby says that he feels lighter, and he isn’t falling asleep on the chair as much these days. This is just wonderful news, as he was having a hard time staying awake and it concerned me deeply.

whole30 friendly may with a spicy kick

Mayo Dip for Chicken Breast

I cannot speak enough love for this brand, even before Whole30 I was using this brand for dressing on my salads. I just love their options for all sorts of things. This mayo, in particular, has become my favorite.

You can buy some Primal Kitchen on their store via Amazon, but I’m waiting to get their affiliate approval elsewhere to see if I can’t start promoting them a bit more and make some cash while helping you regain some energy, too.

With that being said, I love using this as a little dip for my chicken if I don’t have enough fat on my plate. You see with Whole30 you need a protein, carb, and fat option on the plate.

A Fun Dessert Idea

There are a couple of ideas I have for a dessert, essentially you add it to your meal. The first is the above fruits! Just grab the frozen fruit of your choice, but make sure there are ZERO added sugars or fake sugars, etc in it! The brand featured above is my favorite go-to even before Whole30.

Then put one serving using the food scale I have linked here, measure one serving. I think it’s 140 grams of fruit. Put it into the mason jar, cover it, and let sit overnight or during the day to have it later.

The other dessert idea to go as fat with a meal is 1 tablespoon of cashew butter with 1 tablespoon of unsweetened organic coconut shredded up. You can get coconut on Amazon right here, I grabbed 2 pounds of it. 😲

Of course, you don’t need a dessert on Whole30 and the above two options cannot be enjoyed alone as they’re not the right match of protein, fat, and carb but you could add them to a meal that needs more fat or carbs (fruit carbs).

I think that’s all I have to share this week… I am still pretty happy with this change, although some days I am hungrier than other days. Perhaps I need to learn what balance is for my body, always a work in progress here but I’m having a blast with the journey.

I hope you have a blast with this journey in life, too! Make it fun. Laugh. Love. Live it up.

Love & Light,

Brandy Ellen


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