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I have to share a product that I was able to test out last month. This product is from Naked Nutrition, a brand I happen to love. They have natural ingredients, and most of their products have very minimal ingredients in them.

Today, I get to share the launch of a fairly new product of theirs; Naked Nutrition Thermogenic Fat Burner.

I have been on this healthy lifestyle journey for about five years now. I started by walking every day with my Trio which resulted in a loss of 50lbs over 2 years. Once that was said and done, I slacked off and gained back 25lbs.

This is about the time when I opted to start focusing on food. I continue to study food as I stay true to my mission to live an overall healthy lifestyle. This means I walk daily, no matter what, and I started lifting weights about 25 days ago or so. You can follow that journey on my Instagram Account @brandyellen1 and I continue to study food intake to see what helps me feel full, energetic, and most importantly of all ALIVE!

Most recently, a favorite brand of mine, Naked Nutrition, reached out to see if I would try their fairly new product called Burn. Naked Burn is a Thermogenic Fat Burner with ingredients like Slendacor Blend, Green Tea Leaf Extract, and Grains Of Paradise Extract. The capsules are also vegetarian, so I’m sure that will make some of you very happy.

What were my results with Naked Burn?

This fat burner was the only fat burner I’ve tried in my entire life, because I’ve always been pretty much against diet pills. However, Naked Burn isn’t a diet pill. The blend of natural herbs with a side of caffeine from green tea extract aren’t much different than herbal blends I’d include in my food from time to time.

This is why I gave this brand’s new product a try. I already love their 5lb Vanilla Naked Whey Protein so why not give their fat burner a try?!

I was very surprised with the results. Within 14 days of using this product at a pace of 1 per day, I had lost about an inch of belly fat. This is the area that is super hard for me to see results in, as I continue to age and eat ice cream sometimes, the midsection is making me pay for those occasional eating habits of non-natural foods.

Naked Burn helped provide me with some extra energy on the harder days, and it kept me awake if I took it too late in the day. This will be the same for anyone sensitive to caffeine, I’d assume.

While taking this, I didn’t have my daily tea or coffee, so that was a bonus to me. I didn’t want the extra caffeine as there is 80mg of caffeine per capsule.

While I saw results in my mid-section with inches lost, I can’t say what results you will get. I know that you should always chat with a doctor before taking a supplement. If you’re like me, then you may have weird side effects from supplements, as I had insomnia set in when taking these later in the day. Thus I stopped taking them because I don’t eat early enough in the day to consume them with food, and I won’t take them on an empty stomach.

With all that being said, my experience was positive. If you can eat a meal or a small amount of food with these in the morning? Then Naked Burn Thermogenic Fat Burner may just be the thing you need to spike the energy and reduce the inches around your belly.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Naked Nutrition for sending me a sample of this fat burner, I am grateful to give it a try and will be taking it again in the future.

Nutrition With Nothing To Hide

Disclosure: I’m not a doctor of any sort. I’m just sharing my journey and experiences. Your story may be different. Your body may be different. Your goals may be different. Please consult with professionals who know your specific scenario before doing anything I recommend. Stay safe. Stay smart. ✅


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Nutrition With Nothing To Hide

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