New England Road Trip with Kids

Hop in the van with just $20 in gas for a New England road trip with kids. This is a fun way to experience new places and have some fun with your kids.

I’m on a mission to do things that matter to me. At some point in the last handful of years, I started thinking that spending quality time alone or with my trio was selfish. It is not. Doing what you need to do to be the best version of yourself is a good thing. Now that I’m checking off goals on my mission to feel more confident, relaxed, and fulfilled life is becoming much easier.

Today, I’m sharing my kid-full weekend adventures. We hopped in the van on Saturday and hit the NH roads for a New England road trip with kids. Just $20 in the gas tank and a mission to visit pet stores along the route allowed my trio and me to enjoy some quality time together.

Benefits of a New England Road Trip With Kids

Bonding Time

With two preteens and one teenager who all homeschool, it’s not easy to find time to bond. During our home hours, we’re all either getting work from home completed or tending to our online and offline school sessions. With that being said, one would think that the trio and I being home together 24/7 would mean we have bonding time. We don’t. A New England road trip with kids is a fantastic way to sneak in some bonding time. During our road trip, the middle kiddo, who normally opts for electronics over bonding time, tends to open up more. The best conversations and laughter have happened in the van on a New England road trip with kids than anywhere else.

Educational Lessons

My trio is very used to their Mama making history and educational lessons out of everything. This means when it comes to enjoying a New England road trip with kids, I have more ways to sneak in educational lessons. Not only did we hit up three pet stores along our road trip, but we stopped at a historical marker. There are so many historical landmarks in the New England area which is why you can enjoy making a New England road trip with kids very educational. The kids learned about animals at each pet store, as well as manners while in a public restaurant, and a little bit about the history in the town of Cornish, NH.

Pure Laughter

Last, but surely not least, we had many moments of pure laughter. While much laughter was had due to my ditzy side, most of it was enjoyed. My youngest son is the comedian in the family so he certainly kept us on our toes with his constant commentary from the back seat. We enjoyed lunch at Wendy’s in West Lebanon, NH and ventured on our way to stop at historical markers to read a little about our NH history. A New England road trip with kids, at least my kids, always proves to be a fabulous way to laugh and be merry together. Being able to pause from everyday adult responsibilities and take a road trip with kids is one way to decompress and enjoy motherhood.



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The simple version of this blog post is that taking a New England road trip with kids is a fantastic way to reduce stress, minimize anxiety and learn to enjoy these days before your kids are grown and move out of the home. As a parent who has a child graduating from online charter school next year, I’m feeling lots of feelings. I want to make sure that I do my best to make the most of our time together this year or so. I do not want to look back and feel like I didn’t pause to enjoy these moments as often as I should have.

If you or someone you know is looking to take a New England road trip with kids, I highly advise you get this tour guide to enjoy the best of New England with kids. No matter how many times your kids argue or fight, how much they drive you crazy at home, you’ll find that a New England road trip with kids is a fabulous way to get back in touch with nature and enjoying the simple side of life. This trip only cost me $20 in gas and a lunch date at Wendy’s. To save more money, you could pack food in a cooler to have an outdoor picnic during your New England road trip with kids.


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