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There are so many amazing New England travel destinations to check out. My family is having a blast doing a little New England road trip with kids. Did you know that living somewhat off the grid is a fabulous way to experience new places and get back to basics? It’s true.

My little family has been on an adventure of a lifetime trying to save money, pay off old debt, and get back to the reality of enjoying life again.

With this new adventure, it’s been much like a New England road trip with kids.

Finding places to stay for free or cheap, figuring out how to survive on campfire food and so much more. While it’s nothing like the new trend in New England called “champing” this is a whole new lifestyle for my family. 

In just the first few nights of camping at a New England travel destination my family felt a whole new level of connection. The bond is deep. The love is strong. The reality is that we’re not living what others may see as our best life, but it’s best for us.

My health is still a little bit of an issue, as I still need to get a brain MRI done and kidney ultrasound, but having this New England road trip with kids is helping us to get caught up on debt so that our next chapter is a little easier when fall or winter season hits. 

With all of that being said, we’ve been able to experience New England travel destinations in both Vermont and New Hampshire.

Traveling along the two New England states has helped us meet new people, experience new things, and learn how to live off the land in some ways. While camping in a tent with kids can be somewhat challenging, the kids have been amazing during this new experience.

Our almost 11-year-old son said, “It’s like we’re on a campground tour” and he’s loving all of the new places, things to do, and togetherness with his Mom, Dad, siblings, and Grammy.

New England Travel Destinations Crows Nest Campground

There is so much to be said about experiencing New England travel destinations camping. You see, camping isn’t like it used to be. We have running water, electricity and the ability to reconnect in ways that a regular house wouldn’t allow.

During this time I’ll be able to get my health in order so that I can catch up on debt, rejuvenate my soul to get back in touch what makes me feel peaceful and learn to find more appreciation for my little family.

The beauty of spending a summer taking it easy, not having as many stressors, and enjoying the quality time with family in between work hours is a fabulous way to reset. 

Running Bear Camping Area - Windsor, Vermont

Best Products for Camping in a Tent With Kids

Now that we’ve been camping in a tent with kids for a while, we’ve learned that there are some camping supplies that you must have. Below you’ll find a list of affiliate links for must have camping supplies to have when camping in a tent with kids. 

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