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New England Travel Destinations Crown Point Camping Area

Are you looking for one of the best New England travel destinations to go camping with your family? There’s a little campground in Vermont that seems to be a decent place to camp. While traveling in the New England area, you probably want to find a good spot to rest. Whether you have a tent, an RV, or a tow behind camper, Crown Point Camping Area has some campsites for you. 

Crown Point Camping Area Amenities

Crown Point Camping Area is located in Perkinsville, Vermont. This campground has a very wooded area with a beautiful swimming area that the preteens loved to swim in. In addition to the beautiful wooded environment, the workers/owners are friendly with a no bologna attitude and work hard to make certain your stay is comfortable and safe. 

Need Wi-FI while camping?

If you’re like me and need Wi-Fi access to work while staying at Crown Point Camping Area then you’ll be happy to know that there is Wi-Fi here. Although this New England travel destination does have Wi-Fi access, it’s only available down by the office. For someone like me who enjoys waking up, sipping my coffee and working from the picnic table at my campsite, it was a difficult adjustment. 

The kids and their Dad trying to set up our canopy for shelter from rain and sunshine.


With that being said, you can easily have your kids play on the playground or swim in the new Crown Point Lagoon area while you sit close by to supervise them while getting work done using the Wi-Fi access down near the main office area of Crown Point Camping Area. 

Must Know Information About Crown Point Camping Area

Crown Point Camping Area does charge per tent after the first tent. That means that you will have to pay $30 per tent IF you’re going to set up more than one tent on the site. The $40 campsite fee is for a campsite that offers running water hookup and electricity hookup, which is perfect for tent camping or RV/camper camping.

While the pricing is a little steep when you opt to go camping in a tent with kids, it’s nice to know that you’ll feel safe at this campground. When looking for the best New England travel destinations for camping it’s always fun to check out a new campground. My middle son made a new friend while swimming in Crown Point Lagoon, which was pretty awesome for a normally anti-social, introverted preteen. 

Crown Point Lagoon

The Crown Point Lagoon area is a beautiful man-made swimming area that actually called me enough to get my bum in the water swimming with my sons and their dad. The water in Crown Point Lagoon looks like the water you’d see in a tropical paradise. The blue colored water and friendly campers made swimming in the Crown Point Lagoon a very pleasant experience.

When you choose this New England travel destination as your campground of choice, you’ll experience the following amenities:

  • Wi-Fi access near the office with picnic tables under shelter to sit at.
  • Free access to showers, other campsites in New England may charge 25 cents per 8 minutes in the shower.
  • Free access to the bathrooms.
  • A variety of campsites allowing you to pick one that suits your preference or needs. 
  • A fire pit to cook meals on and relax in front of at the end of the night.
  • Kayaking and Kayak rentals. This includes a ride to the pond to enjoy a day of kayaking.
  • 24-hour laundry in the summertime.
  • Planned weekend events for children.
  • And much, much more!

To learn more about Crown Point Camping Area in Perkinsville, Vermont and see if this campsite is a good fit for your New England road trip with kids, visit their website by clicking here


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16 thoughts on “New England Travel Destinations Crown Point Camping Area”

  1. Nice place. It’s good to know that Wi-Fi is available but I think that kind of takes the “naturalness” out of it. It kind of ruins the camp vibe. Can imagine people on their phones instead of bonding. Just my opinion though.

    1. I completely get what you’re saying. The beauty of this New England camping location is that you can only access Wi-Fi by the office area. There is zero wi-fi access beyond where their office router can reach so there’s zero access to it out in the campsite area. This makes it perfect for people, like me, who have to get work done but don’t want their kids on it 24/7.

    1. It was pretty awesome! We especially love the swimming area and hope to go back for a little mini vacation again in the future when we get settled into a home.

    1. I can understand your feelings on that. I grew up in the country, camping in my backyard. It’s totally fun, but I know it isn’t for everyone 🙂

  2. Although a bit steep for our budget, I know the grandchildren would enjoy the swim area. And of course, wi-fi is a must for today’s teen. Especially when not in the water.

    1. The price for the actual campsite at $40 is actually average for what we’ve seen for campgrounds in the New England area. I had an error, the $40 does cover ONE tent, so if you were to use more tents (we had 3) it would be a bit more expensive for sure 🙂

  3. Annemarie LeBlanc

    This is one family activity we have not done for the longest time. It sure would be nice to be out in nature and bonding as a family. I think the Crown Point camping area is a great spot. Hopefully we get to go camping someday soon!

    1. It really did provide us with some amazing family bonding moments. I will cherish those memories forever.

  4. Thanks for the super helpful info on camping at Crown Point Camping Area. We love what we called “Glamping” lol….but the rare occasions that we are actually camping are actually so much more fun

    1. I have never gone glamping lol but I am familiar with that concept and have friends who prefer that method too 🙂

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