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New England Travel Destinations: Rodeway Inn

If you’re looking for an affordable option while searching New England travel destinations, then Rodeway Inn in Claremont, NH is worth looking into. You get free wi-fi, a comfy room, and complimentary breakfast all at a reasonable rate.

When it comes to finding New England travel destinations my family and I are open to trying a variety of places. Between camping at Crown Point Camping Area and other campgrounds in New England to finding this 2-star hotel option, we decided this would provide a comfortable spot to rest our weary head all the while providing a comfortable place to stay for a night or two. 

I’ll be honest, the boys were ecstatic about the idea of staying in a hotel during our New England road trip with kids. The preteen boys were ready to lay down on a comfy bed with soft pillows and some air conditioning as we ventured into this conveniently located hotel. The boys shared a room with their Grammy and we had a room to ourselves, talk about a nice break for everyone! 

New England Travel Destinations Rodeway Inn

Listen, if you’re looking for some fancy New England travel destination with all the extra perks so that you can feel spoiled, then Rodeway Inn isn’t for you. We, on the other hand, are a simple family who enjoy a clean place to stay that provides Wi-Fi for me to get work done, and a comfortable bed to lay our head down to sleep. Rodeway Inn matched well for our budget and the amenities offered matched our basic needs. 

Basic Offerings for New England Travel on a Budget

While you won’t get a kitchenette in your room, there is AC, a microwave, cable TV, unlimited free Wi-Fi access, a bathroom with a sink and shower with tub. There’s fresh towels, washcloths, shampoo, conditioner, soap and linens for your bed. What more can you ask for when searching New England Travel destinations for a spot to rest your eyes!?

The office also has an area to get complimentary continental breakfast and they’re able to fax and copy stuff if you’re traveling for business. The owners are very kind, and they work hard each morning to do housekeeping so that you can always have a clean hotel room. The rooms are all smoke-free, but people can smoke around the corner by the dumpster. We were told by one of the workers that the Rodeway Inn in Claremont, NH has fairly new owners who’ve been working hard to clean up this hotel and I’ll be honest – we were impressed with how decent this place was in comparison to its location. 

Rodeway Inn Amenities & How to Book Your Stay

You’ll love that Rodeway Inn is located close enough to many New England travel destinations to spend your day enjoying quality time with your family. Such options to enjoy include, but are not limited to:

  • Claremont’s Lower Village Historic District
  • Ascutney State Park
  • Claremont Opera House
  • Arrowhead Recreation Area
  • Mount Sunapee State Park

Rodeway Inn Room Options

Rooms at Rodeway Inn start as low as $74 but if you play around online with various booking sites you can try to get the rate lower. Since we were a family of 2 kids and 3 adults seeking New England travel destinations to sleep at, it was a little more difficult.

Most rooms at Rodeway Inn offer a 4 person maximum occupancy, such as their double bed option that has two double beds in the one room. They do have a family room, but that option wasn’t really available during our time of booking this New England travel destination while Grammy was with us. This meant we had to book two hotel rooms so that Grammy could have a room with the boys and we could have a room to ourself as a means to save money and make sure we maintained the rules of maximum room occupancy according to Rodeway Inn’s rules. 

Meals to Bring for Your Stay at Rodeway Inn 

Since Rodeway Inn doesn’t have a kitchenette, instead they have a microwave in your room, you’ll want some options for food during your stay. That’s why I created a list of ideas below to bring along so that you’re able to enjoy some food during your stay at this New England travel destination.

Overall Thoughts About Rodeway Inn

Overall I’d say this hotel is a fabulous location to stay at for a 2-star hotel. We were very impressed with this 2-star hotel because it was way better than what we envisioned before booking our stay. Between the iffy location and the fact that it was a 2-star hotel we had no idea what we were getting into, but it was a great choice! Our family felt safe, comfortable and the adults loved the price as a means to travel in New England on a budget. 

If you’re ready to try out Rodeway Inn for a New England travel destination on a budget, then head on over to Choice Hotels International to work on booking your stay at this 2-star hotel option in Claremont, NH today. 

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20 thoughts on “New England Travel Destinations: Rodeway Inn”

  1. When our kids were younger we did a lot of camping. It was always a treat to stay in a hotel. This one looks comfortable.

  2. I have never been to New England. Budget hotels often offer extras at low prices! Great deal!

  3. That is a great price for a hotel. I like New England and getting to see all the historical sites.

  4. Great deals especially if you would rather spend your money on adventures and experiences. I like that there is fridge as well.

  5. I have never been to New England but have always wanted to go during fall. I’ve seen such beautiful pictures. Living in Florida, we don’t see much or no fall .

  6. Wow! $74 is an amazing deal! I like that you get a continental breakfast as well. We’re not big breakfast eaters in my family so juice and a bagel or toast, are more than enough to make us happy. I am not into spending a fortune on hotels unless I will be ‘staying and relaxing’ at the hotel as part of my vacation. This hotel is perfect for a ‘home base’ after sightseeing all day. A clean, safe place to relax after a long day and go to sleep. What more do you need, right?

  7. love staying at places where the breakfast is included. Makes it that much more of a value!

    1. Awww yes, I am with you on quaint places. The owners are super kind and both were more than happy to make sure our stay (both times) was pleasant.

  8. New England sounds like a really interesting place to go and visit. It is always good to know about pocket-friendly places to stay which offer a good place to rest your head after a long day exploring.

    1. I agree, it’s awesome to find places that don’t cost a lot, especially when we don’t have a ton of money to being with 🙂

    1. It really is a beautiful area, especially during the fall season. Our fall foliage is gorgeous up here.

  9. I try to avoid a lot of hotels like this because of bed bugs, but sometimes you can luck out and find a great one. I never say never.

    1. I have heard of people worried about that, perhaps since we’re such a small town area that hasn’t seen much of that it’s never a worry for us. We did stay here twice without that type of issue, thank goodness.

  10. This looks like a great place to stay! I’ll keep it in mind if we go to New England. We never need anything fancy.

    1. We have stayed here twice and both times were very happy with our stay. The price was right and simple enough for our basics needs to be met.

  11. We visit New England a lot and I’d love to try and visit! Seems like the perfect place to visit esp for an easy trip! Can’t wait to share!

    1. So glad that you visit New England a lot! I’m in NH (born and raised) but love checking out many New England locations. Keep your eyes out for some other fabulous New England travel destinations on the blog soon 😉 Have a lovely day and thank you for your comment.

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