One Thing About Life

As we grow older, we start to gain experiences. I, for one, have been someone who can read people pretty well. I can sense when someone is genuine or not so genuine. I know when someone has deep rooted issues that make them be who they are, a not so kind person. I know when there are unresolved issues that make a person who they are today. One thing about life is that our experiences, whether good or bad, define the very person we have grown to be today.

One thing About Life

Everyone Makes Mistakes

I know that everyone makes mistakes, to stand there pointing the finger at another citing their wrongs without any empathy towards them, is wrong. One thing about life is that we are all imperfect human beings. Each of us has mistakes that were made and society can’t tell us of those mistakes. As an individual, we must own up to those mistakes, admit our wrongdoing and work to rectify the damage that occurred. One thing about life is that we cannot always make right our wrongs to the people or person we hurt, but we can make it our mission to be better towards anyone else from today forward.

Reader of People But Blinded

While I am a good reader of people, even my oldest will tell me that sometimes I am simply blind to what’s going on around me. Sad but true, I tend to look at the bright side of things and when there’s something that really bothers me, I will just try to see the light in the situation. I simply can’t fix things that I want to fix. I can’t change everything I want to change. One thing about life is that, through my own experiences, I have learned that I have to ignore things I can’t fix right now. I have to make the best of what things are and hope that the change will come when the timing is right.

Change is Necessary

When you feel like a change is necessary and that you know that something isn’t quite right, but you can’t do anything about it, this will eat at you. You can get consumed with the bitterness of inability to make that change. One thing about life is that those things around you that you cannot change, alter or make better cannot be your focus. If you focus on the things that you cannot fix or change, you will become an angry, ugly person and I’ve worked too hard to let that happen to me.

Life Can Get you Down

Surely at times, these thoughts of what doesn’t seem quite right. The inability to believe things, because actions obviously speak louder than words, can get to me. I will have days where I simply feel down and out. I feel angry, I want to sleep all day. These moments are when I realize that I am looking to the bright side to survive each day when there are deep-rooted issues or concerns that my gut instincts say don’t work for me. I wish I could change everything for the better, I wish that I could wave some magic wand, but all I can do is keep hoping for the best and that when the time comes, the damage hasn’t been done so deeply that it can’t be undone.

Missing Some Things

I miss a lot of things about my life that has changed in years passed. Some things are easy fixes, others not so easy to fix. It took me three solid years to become a positive thinker and it took just one situation to destroy it deeply. One thing about life is that we can bounce back, we can choose not to share too much online or with others, we can choose to make positive change without the influence of other human beings.

Making Decisions to Survive

I have made that decision, to hold things to my own thoughts and keep things held within for when I open my mouth to share the ideas, thoughts or concerns, I am met with angry words and circle talking. All I want is resolve, to feel like my instincts are being listened to but alas sometimes life situations make it impossible to just jump and do what you know is necessary.

If you are being faced with something that you know doesn’t work for you, and you know that something is not right – be it someone being deceitful for their own gain, someone doing wrong behind your back, or trust has been broken but you can’t seem to mend it – have no fear, if you work hard and rise above with a positive mind, eventually it will all work out however it’s meant to work out.

How do you keep Faith when things just seem to be going against you?


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