Online Games Help me Decompress

After a long week of trying to juggle the freelance writing biz, multiple blog sites, blog flipping sites, and other duties I have as an entrepreneur, mother, and wife I enjoy doing things that take my mind off the responsibilities of adulthood.

These things usually involve playing games. I recently downloaded a chess app, and a jewel matching game along with some zombie games on my phone that I enjoy but what about desktop games?

You see, playing online games is easier for me as I don’t have to use up precious space on my smartphone and I can just play for a bit before I log offline from my freelance writing biz to help my hubby with his new laser engraved wooden sign business.

So, how can online games help you decompress too?

Well, here are some reasons why online games help me decompress:

  • They keep me occupied and out of trouble
  • I can connect/enjoy time with friends who live in other states or even countries.
  • I get to learn new skills by checking out various ways to play an old-school favorite; solitaire with free online game sites.
  • Focusing on free online games keeps my mind off work, homeschooling, and other tasks so I can decompress and come back swinging the next day.

Why I Love Solitaire

Although I do love many games like Mahjong and chess, the game of Solitaire usually gets my attention first. The reason is that my Grampa Eastman taught me to play solitaire when I was a younger child. My Grampa passed away around age 90 a handful of years back but his memory of those small moments we had together still holds in my memory bank.

Solitaire was the game that he would play at the table, and I was there to watch or help. For whatever reason, his teaching me to play this game of solitaire stuck with me and now each time I play free online games of solitaire or in real life solitaire to decompress, I’m reminded of my Grampa.

Watch Me Play Solitaire

Below you’ll see a fun screenshot video recording of me playing pyramid, which I forgot was a version of solitaire. You see, not only does playing solitaire help me decompress and remind me of my Grampa but it was a way for me to detach from my surroundings when I was younger or in an unhealthy relationship. That’s why I’m so happy to share this free online game play website with you. We all need something that helps us detach from some of the negative situations we may be stuck in.

Online gameplay can provide you with a positive, fun release amidst the varying circumstances you face in life!

Putting Your Needs First is Necessary

In conclusion, putting your needs first is necessary. I was in the ER with high blood pressure that had reached near stroke levels. The docs were shocked I didn’t have some sort of stroke. Most of the tests came back fine which led them to believe my blood pressure issue on that particular day was due to stress.

I wasn’t taking the time to face my stressors. I have this optimistic outlook but, after an unhealthy relationship, I had stopped listening to my gut and following a path that truly worked for me. I was just on autopilot. This means my body said ‘hold up, Sister’ on its own and made me realize that a pause and change was necessary.

That day I made the choice to become homeless, living in tents campgrounds, and eventually our vehicles because I couldn’t keep up with anything financially. Everything had collapsed and the last thing  I wanted was to have my health collapse even more. I made the decision to just do the hard things – be homeless for a bit.

Games like free online solitaire games are only part of the equation of what I do now to put my needs first. I didn’t realize the hustle, and craziness of going and going and going wasn’t as healthy as I thought it was. I was doing what I thought I had to do, and was unable to see clearly until that day I spent 5.5 months homeless and was able to get a reset.

Now, mind you the reset wasn’t financial really but it did help reset how I would proceed in life. I’m working on something else now, too that will help with a reset so that I can use all the budgeting, finance, and personal growth skills I’ve both relearned and learned in the last few years to make sure my life path goes on a little more positively than it had in the last four years or so.

So, while playing online games is a fabulous way for me to decompress maybe you haven’t tried this option yet. I invite you to give it a whirl and see how playing online games help you decompress and detach from the busy adult reality you’re living so that you can face the day with a fresh heart and mind.


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