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Organic Social Media Engagement with Word Searches

Generate Organic Social Media Engagement with Word Searches

I’m so excited to share a new premade Canva template available in the shop right now! As I start to spend more time outside soaking up the sunshine, my creativity is just going crazy! I keep coming up with new ideas for exclusive content, PLR blog posts, and Canva premade templates.

Just the other day, I was thinking about how word searches are something that does well for organic social media engagement

I know I can’t help but drop my comment with the first 3 words I see whenever someone shares those word search things on social media. Not sure what I’m talking about?? Here’s an example …

Generate Organic Social Media Engagement with Word Searches

That just one of the 3 fully customizable premade Canva templates I have in the shop right now! I love doing word searches. It’s something that brings me back to those carefree days of childhood.

I imagine that feeling is what others get when they see one of these cool word search images pop up in their social media feed, too. That’s why I just had to create a fun package of Canva premade templates like this. I wanted to come up with another option to help you generate organic social media engagement.

I did share a little tutorial with the sales page, but for the purpose of this blog post, here is the video I shared via YouTube. If you’re here from YouTube, well thank you so much! You can just scroll on by the video because it’s the same exact one I shared over on my YouTube Channel.

Video Tutorial – How to Use My Canva Premade Word Search Templates



3 Ways To Generate Organic Social Media Traffic

I’m going to share some of the best ways to generate organic social media traffic. I’ve been playing around with Pinterest lately for the most part, but slowly working my way into using Instagram, too! You see, I don’t like Facebook all that much and I don’t get enough traffic from that site to warrant spending much time over there.

Below are the best ways I feel you can generate organic social media traffic, with or without my amazing Canva premade templates.

Optical Illusions

I can’t look at optical illusions because I just get too dizzy, but I’ve found my client’s FB page does super well with these. They tend to get more engagement with these types of brain teasers, so to speak. Optical illusions are a little more difficult to find in a premade template style, but I’m sure Fiverr may have people that specialize in this type of graphic design.

Word Searches

These are by far the most popular posts I see in my social media feeds. If there’s a word search shared asking the audience to share the first few words they see then chances are the engagement is super high. It’s also a fun way to be silly with your audience. As you can see below, I have a few ideas on how to manipulate my Canva premade templates to enjoy some laughs with your audience.

This or That Polls

Last, but certainly not least, polls do pretty well on all social media outlets. IG stories have a poll option and some other people create premade Canva poll templates that you can use with ease. Asking your audience a question is a great way to get them to instantly respond. It’s like people can’t help but click an option or hit that comment button to tell you which option they would choose.

[azonpress template=”list” asin=”B08WK2833H”]

Creative Ways to use my Premade Canva Word Search Templates

Like I said earlier in my tutorial video, I wanted to show you a few creative ways to use my premade Canva word search templates. As I was making these, my creative mind just kept flowing and so here is what I came up with:

Essential Oils

One option for these premade Canva word search templates is to edit the fully customizable one to include various essential oils scents. Watch as your audience finds every possible scent within the word search! It will be fun to see just how many people can find every word you put into the word search.

What will you buy this year?

Take a moment to edit the version shown in my video above that allows you to completely change the theme. Add some words for things that maybe someone would buy that are funny or realistic. I’m thinking “snail”, “island”, “cabin”, or “fruit” for ideas to use for this option with a word search. Have some fun and don’t forget to be creative!!

What’s Your Next Big Purchase?

This can be a fun way to get your audience talking amongst themselves. Adjust the word search to have some big-ticket items like a theater, or an island, or perhaps a mansion. Just come up with some cute ideas that would be considered “BIG PURCHASE” and let your audience find the words. Have fun picking on each other and giggling as you watch what words everyone finds.

What’s the Next Goal You’ll Achieve?

This is one that I love. You could include some goals that your audience typically talks about. Maybe you’re a life coach and want to engage your audience on the topic of goals. Use this word search premade template to get them talking. You can reply to everyone that leaves a comment to build trust, loyalty, and of course, organic social media engagement.

Use Your Keyword Data

All you need to do is take a few minutes to review your keywords that bring people to your site. Write down a few words that will help you edit these premade word searches to reflect something that will resonate with your audience. once you have your list, go ahead and edit the templates.

Download the file, extract the images, and get sharing!

[azonpress template=”list” asin=”B0776DNBP9″]

Whatever you choose to do with this package, I’m confident that it will be just one more tool in your social media toolbox to use this year. Generating organic social media engagement does take some time, so why not invest in some premade Canva templates that help you get more creative while saving time on the development side of things?

Feel free to peruse my premade Canva template options today, and grab a couple of things that will help you save some time on the creation side so that you can generate organic social media engagement without spending hours developing new graphics.

What do word searches do for your brain?

Word searches are a simple way to keep your brain active. While you may not feel super stimulated as you try to find all of the words in these premade Canva templates, your audience will be helping use their brain in a world where we seem to zone out more frequently.

What does it mean if you are good at word searches?

If you are super good at word searches then it means you have a pretty active brain. Word searches require using your problem-solving skills, so if you have strengths in problem-solving and perhaps language arts, then you will solve word search puzzles quickly.

What are the best ways to engage with audiences on social media?

The best way to engage with audiences on social media is to track what your audience likes. For me, I know word search puzzles and brain teasers are the best options when I’m scheduling content for my clients. Check out how well these Canva premade word searches do with your audience. You can edit the word searches to fit your niche and audience with ease.


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