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How to Overcome Big Struggles in Life

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There comes a time when you realize that your surroundings aren’t working for you. This may be a work environment, friendship or relationship. There are many areas in life that can all of a sudden seem to be dragging you down. Life happens to the best of us, we get so busy creating a life and trying to be who we desire to be but then something occurs to make all of those dreams stop. Just because you are struggling right now with whatever is going on, doesn’t mean this struggle will last forever. Take a moment when you are calm, relaxed and have a somewhat clear mind to think about your life.

Are there things in your life that you need to have changed in order to move forward?

How do you determine what is the right answer?

How can you overcome this feeling of nothing working for you?

Brandy Ellen Blogs How to Overcome Big Struggles

You are in Charge of You

Well let’s start with this; you are in charge of you. Regardless of how much you love another person be it your partner or friend, you are the only person who matters most to you. I think that society makes us feel as though we must care about others more than our own self. I have witnessed others state their problems on social media only to end with “I know others are going through far worse.” I am guilty of having this mindset. I am often found hiding my hurt or negative feelings because others are going through something deeper than me. Well that’s the number one issue as to why we start to spiral downward, we’ve put our self on the back burner for far too long.

Your Struggles Matter

It’s okay to admit that what you are struggling with is real and difficult. It’s okay to maximize this feeling so that you can find a way to collect your thoughts and move forward. There’s nothing wrong with you having something difficult going on, regardless of what others have going on. I personally feel you must first start by realizing there is no rating scale on whose problem is worse than another. If you feel this issue is harming your world as you know it, then it’s important. Period.  Now that you have given yourself permission to admit that your struggles are legit, real and important you can move towards a solution.

Determining the Right Answer

With the fast paced, immediate response type world it’s no wonder human beings are starting to want a quick fix to problems. Sadly life has no quick fixes, and if you have found one surely you will see the issue arise in another form later on. It takes time to determine how to resolve an issue to the deepest level, thus creating a full inner peace.  Take a moment to accept that your struggle is real, it’s important and it needs a solution. Now that you have done that you can sit to think about ways it can change. Whatever you are struggling with, there is always an answer, but this answer is not usually easy. Our emotions and need for a quick fix often get in the way of determining the right answer. Jot down notes of what is bothering you. Jot down ways you think you can work towards fixing it and discuss this with whoever may be on the other end of this struggle with you.

 Work Towards Your Goal

Let go of all emotional attachments to anyone other than yourself. Learn that you must come first in order to get through this struggle. People may call you selfish, they may be completely rude but that’s okay. At the end of the day it only matters that you feel like you are doing what’s necessary to overcome this struggle so that you can be a stronger, happier person. Each day do something that helps you come closer to inner peace and less stress. Think of all of those naysayers as white noise, it’s just a blur of noises combined together that has little effect on you. Don’t let that noise get inside of your heart and mind. Work towards your goal regardless of anyone else.

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Be Confident and All Falls into Place

There will be a long road ahead of you because no problem is completely solved overnight. This long road will be trying on your confidence, patience and heart. There’s no denying working on true inner peace is most difficult at the beginning. Be okay with having others feel like you let them down, because you aren’t on a mission to appease others. Your mission is quite clear; resolve the struggles so you can be at a good place in life, love and happiness. Be confident each day that you are making the right decisions that make sense for you as an individual and everything else will ultimately fall into place as it should be.


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