Don’t Let Your Bubble Burst!

However stressful and difficult life can sometimes be, the great thing about it is that, when the work day is all over, and you’re home again, you get just forget all about it. Instead of carrying that stress with you, you can leave it at the door and step into the little bubble of happiness […]

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How To Teach Your Child Responsibility

There are lots of ways to educate your children about responsibilities. All children like to be assigned tasks that they can do around their home, as it makes them feel mature and as responsible as an adults. For example, you could let your child do the laundry, allow them to wake everyone up in the […]

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Is it a Blogging Funk?

Fractal Wood Art for Sale in NH

Lately I haven’t been feeling like blogging, it’s like I have outgrown that stage of my life. After 8 years of running my old blog and earning an okay extra income from it, I see the times have changed. No more do people follow other blogs watching as their life unfolds, lifestyle blogs are more […]

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Dogs And Kids: A Match Made In Heaven?

Image Dogs make great pets. They are a source of joy and happiness for their owners. And if you have kids, they provide so many benefits. Friend And Confidante Dogs make great friends. They’re always up for going out and having fun. And they’ll cheer you up when you’re feeling blue. When your kids get […]

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