Garden Fun for all the Gang

Travel: VT Sleigh Ride Horse Drawn Brandy Ellen Blogs

We’re halfway through winter, and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to start looking forward and getting prepared for the summer. It may seem like a long way away now, but it’ll be here before you know it! This summer, there are some new products to try, new DIY tricks to have […]

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How Fun a $20 Road Trip Can Be

Brandy Ellen Blogs Madame Sheri

Every other weekend when the kids are away my man and I pop $20 in the gas tank and just drive. Having a middle child who doesn’t much like being the car for long periods of times, a road trip really never crossed my mind. I am happy being home and had honestly became quite […]

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Healthy Mom, Happy Baby Secrets Of Success

Brandy Ellen Blogs Healthy Mom Happy Baby Secrets Of Success

Image source You’ve got the crib set up, the nursery is painted and decorated, and your hospital bag is packed. You want the best for your baby, and you’re planning to do everything you can to make sure you get it right. Having seen exhausted, fed-up moms at the supermarket screaming at kids having tantrums, […]

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Do You want to Build a Snowman

Brandy Ellen Blogs How to Build a Plywood Snowman

It was winter of 2015 and we wanted to do something fun, different and yet challenging at the same time. The winter décor was up, Christmas lights galore but the whole theme was missing something. We couldn’t quite put our fingers on it. We looked, we peeked and ultimately we decided that we wanted to […]

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Why Blog Comments Are Dead

How to Turn off Blog Comments on your Blog Brandy Ellen Blogs

I have been blogging since 2008, created a brand that had a great following on Pinterest and a decent Facebook page as well subscribers and visitors. Then I sold it. Back when I started blogging in December of 2008 and as the next few years went on, blog commenting was an actual thing. We did […]

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How To Be The Best Godparent In Four Easy Steps

Being a godparent is no easy task. Even if you have your own kids, you’ve probably noticed that as a godparent, you have to interact in a completely different way with your godchildren than with your own. Even if you aren’t religious, and even if you don’t have to assume responsibility for the kids if […]

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Teaching Kids About Portion Control

Brandy Ellen Blogs about Kids Portion Control

I think that we are all guilty of over eating, you know indulging upon a food that we just love! It’s the same for children; they learn based on what they see us do and how they were raised to eat. It’s time to start thinking about educating our children about what’s in their food […]

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